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Could a lightsaber cut through adamantium?

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    The title says it all...Do you think a lightsaber could cut through adamantium? Why or why not?
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    Since neither light saber or adamantium are real, there is no definite answer. It's up to your imagination.
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    Way to be a negative-nancy Micromass :frown:
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    I guess I'm not sure what kind of answer you expected to get on this. What I told you is the truth, so I'm not sure what else you wanted.

    Do you want us to start speculating? I don't know what purpose that would serve...
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    Yes, I want people to start speculating. Obviously I know what you told me is the truth...I was just hoping for some fun answers.
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    I suppose that was the whole purpose of his question. A real answer is obviously impossible.
    I think light saber can cut adamantium. It has been proved that adamantium can be bent by magnetism, so, it's not undestructible. And since light saber are indestructible (the light part) I think it'll cut adamantium.
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    I also feel that it can. The adamantium material maybe not strong enough to withstand extreme forms of energy and I don't think it has cortosis (a saber-proof material in Star Wars) in its chemical compound. Maybe a new version of adamantium can deflect energy from the light saber.

    I hope I don't offend anyone as my opinions are purely fictional... Dr. Michio Kaku said its not impossible to design a light saber..just the time has not come yet :D
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    Yes wait. No. Wait yes. Hmmm. No
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    Is the word you're looking for perhaps, "maybe"?

    We've seen Wolvie's claws get pretty heated with the same type of optic blast that Scott Summers uses.

    And lightsabers have been seen to need time to cut through blast doors, so adamantium should be at least as resistance as they are, if not still immune (Wolvie's claws should still cut through, but at much slower rate than the lightsaber)

    Of course, massive organ damage would still be able to permanently kill Wolverine, which just means the Jedi or Sith would just need cut out his heart....
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    Two fictional items. Adamantium is said to be nearly indestructible, while lightsabers do a great deal of damage - but are not infinitely fast. In the movie, a lightsaber was able to slowly, eventually damage armor in the ship - so the question becomes, how long is the lightsaber allowed to work on the adamantium, and how strong is adamantium in comparison to that ship's armor?

    If we're comparing nonexistent materials, why not use Krell metal? In theory (which is the only thing we have) it would ignore the effects of the lightsaber entirely, due to its ability to dissipate energy.
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    Please see the thread on lightsabers vs phasers, which is rather similar in spirit: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=703761

    There I answered that, in a fictional universe, the "right" answer is whatever makes the fights fairer, and therefore more fun. Lightsabers are melee weapons, but Adamantium is used basically in hand-to-hand combat (Wolverine's claws) and in a mostly defensive role (the Adamantium-Vibranium alloy in Captain America's shield).

    Considering the limited and very close-up nature of the Adamantium weapons, it would be no "fun" if the lightsabers could take them out. Maybe the lightsabers could just heat them up to red/white hotness for a cool visual effect. But they shouldn't be able to damage them.

    Now, if someone came up with an Adamantium sword, that would be a bit of a head-scratcher. Apparently, someone already has, but it's less well-known. I googled for it, and found an RPG called "Lost Odyssey" which has Adamantis, a sword made from Adamantium. If a Jedi Knight was going to take on a samurai/knight with an Adamantium sword, he would really have his work cut out for him. Pun intended.
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    probably not, since adamantium can't be melted or reshaped after it's been formed. Since adamantium is supposed to be impervious to heat, I don't see how a light saber could cut it.

    Lightsaber's don't boast any special properties besides being able to control the shape of a plasma source, so lightsaber's really consists of something we can already achieve (just not in the form we could achieve it).

    But could a Jedi/Sith develop a technique to force cut through adamantium with their light saber? :devil:
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