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Could light be a media for transport?

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    Could light be a media for transport?

    I realize that light is a wave, but isn't also a particle?

    I mean if air can be used as a media, then why can't light, they are both particles.
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    Don't really understand what you are talking about.
    Do you mean medium? And in either case, what do you mean by media/medium for transport?
    Light can be viewed as both a light and wave, correct.
    Air is an assembly of lots of different particles... but i don't see what you're getting at.
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    Using light as a medium for information and such, why can't it be used for that purpose?
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    You mean like, transmitting information, video, music, and communications via light? Or getting energy from it?
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    Fiber optics use light to transmit data, but I think you are confusing the medium with the wave that travels on it. Ie, sound is a wave, air is the medium. Transmittind data through air uses sound. Light is a little tougher, though, since it doesn't really travel over a medium and isn't easily classified as a particle or wave - it is something entirelydifferent, but it behaves sort of like a wave or particle depending on how it is measured.

    Fiber optics utilize the wave-like properties of light to transmit data.
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    What i was sarcastically getting at, is that radio everything is using light for just that purpose. So is fiber optics, as russ said.
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