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Could my I.R lowpass goggles work without using light from the sun?

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    For this science project i'm doing, i am going to be investigating the I.R Lowpass (a.k.a: Near infrared spectrum) with goggles i shall soon be constructing based on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2-nP2xl9Zg&feature=player_embedded"

    This question may be a bit silly but will my goggles work with light other than sun light, my plan is to create a small stage setting with different objects of different colours and then shine the light from multiple lamps on it so i can note any differences in colour caused by the I.R lowpass.

    Thanks for any replies :)
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    I've relized this is probably not the write place for this question. Does anyone know how i can move it to a different section of the forum?
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    These aren't infrared. They just block most colors, you can buy deep purple filters that photographers use to estimate what a monochrome shot will look like.

    They will 'work' with any white light,
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