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Could there be a portal inside or near the sun?

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    Could there be a portal inside or near the sun? Consider the magnetic field and energy of the sun.
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    Quantum Tunnelling

    What is the theory on certain black holes and quantum tunnelling?

    Main sequence stars and magnetic fields and the energy. Could there be a possibility of a formation of a portal? Or could a portal be made via atomic energy?
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    Re: The Sun

    There is no such thing as a portal. The closest thing in modern physics is a wormhole which is an entirely theoretical construct and I'm unaware of any reason to think they would exist inside stars.

    I suggest you start reading here
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    Re: The Sun

    regarding 'portal':

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    Re: Quantum Tunnelling

    As has been said, there is no such thing as a "Portal" like the ones from the video game Portal and other things. The closest thing would probably be a wormhole, but even then it is not a portal in this sense.

    As for the theories on Black Hole and Quantum Tunneling, I suggest reading the wikipedia articles on the basics of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.
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