What is Portal: Definition and 23 Discussions

The portal vein or hepatic portal vein (HPV) is a blood vessel that carries blood from the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen to the liver. This blood contains nutrients and toxins extracted from digested contents. Approximately 75% of total liver blood flow is through the portal vein, with the remainder coming from the hepatic artery proper. The blood leaves the liver to the heart in the hepatic veins.
The portal vein is not a true vein, because it conducts blood to capillary beds in the liver and not directly to the heart. It is a major component of the hepatic portal system, one of only two portal venous systems in the body – with the hypophyseal portal system being the other.
The portal vein is usually formed by the confluence of the superior mesenteric, splenic veins, inferior mesenteric, left, right gastric veins and the pancreatic vein.
Conditions involving the portal vein cause considerable illness and death. An important example of such a condition is elevated blood pressure in the portal vein. This condition, called portal hypertension, is a major complication of cirrhosis. In abdominal obesity fats, inflammatory cytokines and other toxic substances are transported to by the portal vein from visceral fat into the liver, leading to hepatic insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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  1. E

    Solar eclipse portal movie

    Once decades ago I watched a movie where solar eclipse made a woman vanished standing in a tree. Then she appeared during the next solar eclipse. Anyone remember the title of the movie? I'd like to watch any solar eclipse movie where portals were opened during the eclipse. Do you have any in...
  2. S

    Opening a portal to the center of the Sun

    Whilst perusing a D&D forum, I stopped to answer a question someone put out which was "what would happen if we used the gate spell to open a portal to the middle of the sun?" I replied (this was a while ago) and whilst I'm reviewing it, I am troubled by the fact that this uses such high forces...
  3. K

    Type of Joints in portal frame

    I was told that for building portal frame, the beam to column connection must be rigid , which means, it has to be fixed , while the column to foundation connection can be either fixed or pinned, am I right ? I couldn't find anything about this online . Pls help
  4. Dopplershift

    Exploring Physics Concepts with Portal: A Teacher's Perspective

    So I have found this awesome resource called 'Teaching with Portal" For those who do not know, Portal is a puzzle game where players have to solve challenges given certain components in the environment that they are in. Somebody has created a "Teaching with Portal" lesson plans (found here)...
  5. A

    What would you do if you thought you'd found a portal?

    If you found a portal, what would you do? Who would you tell? What experiments could you think to do and what information would you try to extract? Should you be concerned? Presuming you knew yourself not to be the world's greatest authority on portals/bridges/stargates or whatever, how would...
  6. Liam C

    B What are the potential alternatives to traditional teleportation and portals?

    Sorry, this might be a question you can only answer with speculation, but if anyone has any idea of how close we are to teleportation of inanimate objects or creating portals, I would love to know. I have always found teleportation and portals to be super cool. From what I've heard, in order...
  7. A

    "The Portal problem" (Classical Mechanics solution)

    Hello, Lately I've seen many different explanations to the following problem based on "Portal" and "Portal 2" videogames (which I personally played and enjoyed). Since the explanations didn't convince me, I drafted my own. Hope you find it intersting and we can discuss it :)Problem...
  8. Toby N

    An Endless Fall: Exploring a Fictional Paradox

    So I'm just really curious and this question is fictional, I'm new so i don't know if this is the right place to post this. Anyway, if there is 2 portal facing each other vertically and a person jump on to it, end up falling forever, i wonders how much could that person reach and is there anyway...
  9. J

    Portal (Approximate) Method of Analysis: Superposition

    Homework Statement For the portal frame geometry and factored loading shown in the figure below, calculate the shear force, axial load and bending moment diagrams using the Portal Frame Method. You may use the principle of superposition for gravity and lateral load effects. Note: • all...
  10. Doug Huffman

    CERN announces Open Data Portal

    http://opendata.cern.ch/ http://opendata.cern.ch/about
  11. A

    Could there be a portal inside or near the sun?

    Could there be a portal inside or near the sun? Consider the magnetic field and energy of the sun.
  12. K

    Portal Physics Scenario: A or B? Input from Physics Forum Community

    I did not create this little picture but it is interesting to say the least. It is a physics question or scenario, i don't know how to describe it but would love the input of the physics forum community. Which do you think would happen? A or B? Background info. This is from a game called...
  13. S

    Engineering problem on lateral force to a simple portal frame

    Homework Statement A single story single bay building model has fixed fixed columns and a rigid beam. the total length of each aluminum column is 24 in. tall by 4 in wide and 32/1000 in thick. the plexiglas beams used for the base and top story are 12 in wide 4 in deep and .5 in thick. a...
  14. J

    Portal A & B question (maybe a paradox)

    This question comes from a doubt i had while playing the popular puzzle game Portal. 1-Lets say hypothetically that we have portals, and we can move them around freely. We have portal A & B. When you enter portal A you come out through portal B and vise versa. In the case of being placed...
  15. S

    Anyone here play portal? Mechanics question

    Say I place a portal on the underside of a table. I place a large sheet of cardboard on top of the table and then place a portal on the sheet. I then stand in the portal so my legs are below-table and my torso is above-table. Can I lift the cardboard?
  16. S

    Anyone here play Portal? Portal + Relativity question

    What if we performed the Twin Paradox, but with portals? Fire one portal against a wall in a station, another in a spaceship. One twin sits tight, and the other gets on board -- but they can see each other at all times through the portal itself and can walk back and forth between the ship...
  17. B

    Reinforced Concrete Portal Frame

    Hi all, I massively appreciate any help in advance. I have an exam coming up and am completely stumped on a question regarding reinforced concrete design. The teacher has told us the question is going to be similar to the example he has given us but hasn't gone through it with us. It is a...
  18. P

    Paranormal Phenomena in GA | Mirrors Creating Portal Consultation

    Is there anybody here in the GA area or that would be accessible by way of phone for consultation regarding matters of paranormal phenomena? Someone preferably who has a genuine interest in the field. I was attempting to do research on an idea that facing two mirrors together creates a...
  19. X

    New LHC monitoring portal LIVE DATA

    I have setup a very cool LIVE portal to the LHC and CERN... I have have a brand new forum just for the LHC.. http://www.lhcportal.com/
  20. Z

    If a Portal appeared in front of you, would you step through it?

    Imagine someday when you're going about your daily life, a Portal suddenly appears in front of you.. HOW SHOCKING! I mean, who knows how it happened - maybe an Alien civilization 1.5 billion years more advanced than us, accidently created this portal in a wrong time/space/dimension, and you're...
  21. B

    Audi Q7 Problems? Dgimi Can Help!

    Good day My name Dgimi I have problems with my Audi car model Audi q7 who have problem with this car please contact me in my email Exuse what model car you have? Audi a8? or send me PM
  22. J

    Portal Discussion: Human at Speed of Light

    Hi all, I am very new to this forum so please let me know if I have posted this in the wrong place, and thanks in advance for any replies :) Backstory: My friends and I were playing a game called Portal in which you can place two portals (each of which leads to the other). We were...
  23. W

    What do you think of http://www.webqc.org?

    Hello! Please evaluate my web portal http://www.webqc.org" and tell your opinion. Thank you in advance!