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A Could vacuum decay fundamentally change our universe?

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    If the universe suffered a false vacuum decay, would this change physical laws? Could it change the universe so much that it would allow our universe to be a multiverse of level 1, 2, 3 and 4?

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    It would change types of particles which can exist on top of the new vacuum state; will also likely change vacuum energy value. This basically would unrecognizably mangle everything.
    Since it's not survivable for any structures, including life, I don't care what would happen after.
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    Yes, if the vacuum decided to suddenly drop to a ground state, everything would change, radiating away from the spot it happened at the speed of light.

    No, this isn’t what people mean by multiverse because our universe can’t be in different vacuum states at the same time.
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    Here's what a paper by Sidney Coleman & F. de Luccia said about... a vacuum metastability event .
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    Apparentty the current vacuum state of the universe is extremely stable, which helps explain the considerable age of the observable universe. Any change in the base vacuum energy state of the universe would, in theory, spread at light speed throughout the universe as vacuum energy from adjacent regions rushed in to erase the deficit. The details of how this might occur and what it might look like are unclear. Evidently, no known natural process is sufficiently energetic to trigger such an event. Another big bang might do the trick, but, nobody has a clue how to pull off that feat. This should be sufficient to allay the fears [or hopes] of doomsayers.
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    Fear is an emotional state, not an intellectual position.
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