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Could wave/particle duality have to do with the speed limit of light?

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    This has got to be theorized before, and google is failing me. So someone point me in the direction of the Theory Im looking for. Im not over speculating, Im trying to find the name of a similar theory.

    When I doing some Feynman reading I started getting some off topic ideas, so I took a break and started doing some research about it online. Stumbled into a video of penrose explaining wave function collapsing when you make an observation. Seems pretty simple to make the connection with movies. If you think of a video of a beam of light, if you pause the video to get a better look at it, it would look like a single piece, not a whole beam you saw stretch across the screen. Light might always be waves, but because of the nature of things at or above the speed of light, when we try to look at it, we only see the actions that happen below/at the speed of light. The interference the particle makes in the two slit experiment with itself happen so fast time doesn't effect it normally and it seems to be in both places at once.

    So im looking very generally for a theory of QM that light is always a wave and observing it as particles is just how we see it when we slow it down below or is otherwise somehow related to the cap on the speed of light. AND/OR a Theory Thinking of every moment in time as a snapshot and the framerate of the movie of the universe is the time in between the wave colapse. So the particle is either here or there. Here or there. In between doesnt exist, but when time moves fluidly the motion back and forth is the wave.

    "Since the smallest unit of time is Planck time "
    How long is this? and were did planck get it from?
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