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I Could you provide me a selection rule?

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    When I accessed to selection rule page in Wikipedia, I have a difficulty of how to use rules listed there.

    I'm now only concering electric dipole transition so column (E1) in the table there will be my only interests. Since I need to know whether transition is possible or not between energy states of neutral Argon listed in NIST Atomic Spectra Database, I thought I only take rules for L-S coupling as NIST data is in term symbol so Argon is L-S coupling.

    However, what about "Rigorous rules" in the table there? Is it also what should I take?

    Please help me so that I can use the table in proper way:)
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    I write this hoping it might in someway be helpful to you,but dont take it for granted look into these things yourself as I have actually forgotten most of the topic.
    A transition between levels is possible only if it follows all these selection rules listed here(not sure what the intermediate coupling they have given there is)
    i.e. for the transition to be possible it should follow
    1)delta(J)=0,+/-1 , note transition from J=0 to J=0 is not allowed.
    2)delta Mj=0 ,+/-1, Mj=0 to Mj=0 is not allowed
    5)delta(L)=0, +/-1, L=0 to L=0 transition not allowed
    Also there can be transitions not following these conditions(forbidden transitions),they happen mainly when there is collisions among particles.
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    Hello. Thanks to give me comment.

    Is L and S are total orbital quantum number (azimuthal quantum number) and total magnetic quantum number respectively while l is orbital quantum number for each electron state? And can you tell me what literature or article is used for suggesting these rules? I think I need very strong confidence in selection rule as it will be useful tool for my furhter research:)
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    Sure,here are the text books I followed when I had course on spectroscopy.
    1)C.N Banwell Fundamentals of molecular spectrocopy
    2)Modern spectroscopy,Michael J Hollas
    3)Basic Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy,Michael J Hollas
    4)Molecular Quantum mechanics,Peter Atkins and Ronald Friedman
    You will see what I have told you about selection rules on page 48 of option (3).If you want to go little more into the details its good to look into option 4.
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