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Course Planning first year engineering

  1. Dec 25, 2014 #1
    Hi y'all, I have underlined the questions, bolded the important parts, and did both for an important question for your reading convienence.

    let me give you a bit of my academic background so you understand my problem a bit better.

    I am currently 20 years old and i decided i wanted to go to uni. I did a bunch of upgrading since i slacked off in high school, (intro to physics, intro to chem, University English (first year), pre calc algebra, pre calc) maintaining a gpa of 4.19 (everything is 4.33 except English which i got a 3.67) in the two semesters i took.

    Currently enrolled in a general science degree and taking calculus 1, computer science, and or a condensed version of intro to engineering graphics (Have not decided yet this is the problem)

    my problem is that its a rushed version and I am pretty ocd about getting good grades, i go crazy if i dont understand something, even if it is the littlest least important concept you can imagine. therefore I would like to increase my chances of getting a good grade and i would like to avoid taking a rushed version of this course.

    My question is what is this course really about. I have read some things about it, mainly what is on my university site and it has not really told me much about it, i would like to know if this is hard maybe on a scale of 1-10 if that is possible, and also what kind of classwork we will be given and what will be tested on?

    http://www.kpu.ca/calendar/2014-15/courses/apsc/index.html#apsc1151 << link to course calendar (apsc 1151)

    It also says that it is recommended that i take apsc 1124 with this course in the calendar, is this something that you guys would recommend or will it not matter, and what exactly do you do in 1124 as well?

    if this is the case i will have to take both of these courses in the fall semester since 1124 is only available in the fall then my schedule would look like this:

    apsc 1124 ( intro to engineering 1 credit)
    apsc 1151 ( intro to engineering graphics 3 credit) non rushed version
    phys 1
    chem 1
    calc 2

    instead of just

    apsc 1124
    phys 1
    chem 1
    calc 2

    This will be my first semester in the actual engineering transfer program my college provides

    So basically I am wondering if this schedule is too heavy to achieve a good grade (i.e. B+ > ) since its 5 courses 3 of which are considered to be difficult, at least for me.

    I have talked to two different student advisors, and these advisors at my mediocre college dont know a single thing about this stuff.
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    It really depends on how much time the labs take up. Last semester I took calc 1, chem 1, and physics 1. The lab for chem took up more than the rest of my classes combined.
  4. Dec 25, 2014 #3
    Physics and Calc 2 can be a big load. Chem 1 isn't anything to worry about since you'll only need algebra to solve problems and the labs are usually straight forward. If it were me I'd tack on the Graphics class, but you're a better judge of your own abilities than I am. So just think about it hard and if you know you can't secure A's in your classes with a fifth one tacked on don't do it.
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