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Homework Help: Coursework help: the affect on a plant on the rate of photosynthesis

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    ey! i reli need sum help wit ma biology coursework

    "the affect on a plant on the rate of photosynthesis" kan ne1 help me owt pleeeeeeeeeeeez
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    Hi, and welcome to PF. Since this is a homework question, please post any thoughts you have on the question, before we can help you. Also, please write in words- it's a lot easier to read that way!
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    weelll i need to know the factors that affct photsynthesis
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    the affect on a plant on the rate of photosynthesis... i know that the limmitting factors are , water, temp and C02 but i need to know more information on them so i can come up with a prediction using my scientifc knowledge

    photosynthesis = carbon dioxide + water =( using sunlight and chlorophyll) glucose + oxygen
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    Factors that affect photosynthesis, that could be a lot of things. You should refer to your textbook and look up the section on photosynthesis, the answer must be in there.
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