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Crackpotry or I'm missing something?

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    I've made a search on PF about Gabriel Lafreniere and it seems that some -serious- people (such as Mysearch) consider his "theory" or "theories" interesting.
    His website: <<link deleted, we don't need to promote his site>>. I've tried to read some of it, but I can hardly understand any of his ideas. I don't know if I don't have the level of expertise to understand or almost all what he said is nonsense.
    Some parts of the texts makes me yuck: Such as
    His "proof" is an animation of something that doesn't make sense to me.
    Another one of the so many parts that makes me faint:
    It seems like he believes all matter is made of electrons (and positrons?). I don't see much equations, too many texts that looks like a huge garbage; at least for an undergraduate student.
    I'd appreciate if someone could confirm that he's a crackpot or if I'm wrong on this. Is there something that makes sense in his theories?
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    He's certainly in love with his animations but, on their own, they don't prove a lot.
    But I must admit that I didn't spend long on the site.
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    quarks cannot possibly be made of electrons and positrons. This would seriously violate charge conservation. How can you get a fractional charge of a quark from adding the -1 and +1 charges of electrons and positrons. No matter how you look at it, the up quark has Qu=+2/3, so how can you get 2/3=+1+1+1...-1-1-1-1... etc? Also, wouldn't leptons have to interact strongly if this were the case? I would have to say he is full of it, but I have not yet looked at the site.
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    The more I read, the more I feel this is total nonsense.
    He does not believe in photons. He believes in aether. He says matter and anti matter does not annihilates but
    . I thought the interaction between an electron and a position would lead to the production of 2 photons... He says that gravity does not bend space. Light isn't stopped by matter (he gives the example of radio waves and x rays... this sounds ridiculous to me. Looks like he never opened a physics textbook on EM). The list goes on.
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    Well, you can produce quarks through electron/positron collisions. e+e- -> q+q- is a valid process, but this is mediated through the photon or a Z! Ya, the more I read, the crazier and crazier he sounds. But, I have to admit, I wouldn't mind smoking something and staring at all those pretty animations he made for a couple hours!
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    Sounds crackpotish to me.

    And I think his illustrations are trying to hypnotize me!


    We are all made of electrons.
    Electrons feed from the great and powerful Aether.
    The Aether is all nourishing.
    The Aether is god.
    Repeat 100 times.......​
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    Yes, he's a crackpot as far as we're concerned. He's published his theories only on his own website and in two books. If he were really onto something, in ten years or more he'd have been able to get published in a real scientific journal, or at least get someone to refer to his theories in a scientific journal. I see no such references.
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