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Created this topic for the chemistry section

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    I recently created this topic for the chemistry section:


    But it was moved to the homework section, which it wasn't. Could I ask for it to be moved back?
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    I don't know which mentor originally moved your thread. I've made a general request to the mentors that whoever moved it contact you via PM and sort out the best placement. Often, very straightforward questions like that get moved to homework because they look like homework/coursework questions (it doesn't have to be actual homework to belong in that forum, but basic questions about material being learned in class too). Sometimes they are not based on someone's coursework, and this confuses the person writing the thread when it gets moved. Depending on the level of answer you were hoping for, it might still be better placed in homework than in chemistry, or vice versa. That can be worked out with the mentor who did the moving.
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    Ah no worries. The question was answered.
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    The question is not really whether or not your question was assigned course work, but rather is it the "type" of question which would be assigned as course work. Clearly this question falls into that category.

    Even if it is not course, work true learning can only occur, when the person with the question puts some thought into it before being handed an answer.
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