Creating a monstrous e-cigarette prototype

  1. Hey guys, i am here to try pick some brains.
    I am en electronic engineer who is currently playing with some projects at home.
    I am creating a monstrous e-cigarette prototype.
    I am not using the conventional nichrome wire and wick method, but rather just dropping it onto a hot plate for instant clouds.
    Anyway the burning question is about insulators, i will have a handheld unit that will get pretty hot around the heater.
    I was hoping to put a heat buffer between my heaters enclosure and the outer enclosure.
    Some thermally insulating material that is also inert and safe for someone to be inhaling hot air over.
    I had thought about thermoplastic and pocket of air as an insulator.
    Mica doesn't seem flexible enough.

    What do you guys think?

    Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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    Maybe consider two walls of thin sheet metal, with an air gap between, open at the bottom and the top. Air rising in the airgap separates the plates and it makes a good insulator. It is surprisingly effective.
  4. Thank you!
    However with the cylinders open at the top and bottom, how can i fix them?
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    With longer screws that have 3 nuts each. Three screws at the top and three at the bottom.

    The inner tube can go all the way down so cool air flows into the wall gap from outside, it then rises due to heating, then flows out through the gap at the top.

    Leave a gap below the outside tube by mounting the outer tube slightly higher than the hot inner tube, inner tube is then not easily contacted at the top.
  6. I think i am getting this, i understand the concept of two walls an outer and an inner, however wouldn't the outer wall draw in the cooler air, then feed it into the inner wall where the heater will be?

    I really appreciate your help guys!
    I don't suppose you have a degree in MS paint you can use to aid me haha
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    You draw what you think you need, I will comment and/or edit.
  8. You are far to kind!
    I will get some inventor pics up soon.
    I really appreciate the help!
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