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Credit transfer - BU and Cornell

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    I am working on a masters degree at Cornell. There is a class offered at BU that I am interested in taking. After speaking to representatives from both schools I decided to take the course and transfer the credit to cornell (this was approved by both schools).

    I am considering going for a second degree later on at BU. If I transfer that class credit for cornell, can I use it in the future to a degree at BU. I'm 99% sure that answer is NO.

    So my main question, if that is indeed true, is how do universities keep track of that info. When you transfer a credit, I thought all you did was send proof of the class and grade to the other university.
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    It's a very good question. I bet there is a limit to how recent a credit is to be eligible for transfer and for that matter counting towards a degree. If I take a class at a college this year and then in five years pick the program back up, I doubt they let me count that credit :)
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