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Critique This Simple Faster Than Light Mechanism - Possible?

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    Ok guys. Picture a bicycle wheel assembly apparatus with several gears and a giant wheel. The giant wheel is constructed in outer space such so that a person is placed on the outside rim of the wheel and then the wheel begins to be rotated at first slowly due to the torque required but then gears are changed so that the energy applied to the wheel can be constant so that it increases in rotation gradually.
    Now this wheel continues to speed up with a person attached to the outer rim of it to the point where the outer rim is going at light speed. This hypothetically seems easy to achieve because the outer rim is going the same speed as the smaller inside of the wheel and the inside of the wheel only has to achieve a certain RPM such that if the wheel is big enough in size, the outer part of the wheel would be traveling at light speed.
    For instance, if the inside of the wheel achieves a mere RPM such that it rotates only once every few seconds, and the wheel is big enough where the outside of it let's just say hypothetically is the size of the solar system, then even though that rotational speed is slow for the relatively small inner part of the wheel, for the outside of the wheel to keep up and rotate fully ONCE every few seconds it would have to be going faster than lights peed seeing as how it's the size of the solar system and the person attached to the outside part of the rim would be equivalent of revolving around the whole solar system in only a few seconds time (faster than light).

    Please tell me why this would not be possible to do?
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    ANYTHING with mass cannot move at the speed of light. As a objects with mass approach the speed of light, their mass increases exponentially, they would need a infinite amount of energy to pushed to C. There are also many other factors involved. This is a very common question asked (and challenged) The "Relativity" forum will answer your questions if you read through posts, since many people have asked the same question.
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    Thread locked. Theheretic, read our rules, read our FAQs, and read the threads in the relativity forum. And read your private messages.
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