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Cumulative number counts of galaxy clusters

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    Dear all,

    I am trying to plot the cumulative number counts of galaxy cluster (N>S) as a function of X-ray flux. The method I am following is using the mass function and scaling relation to calculate dN/dVdz. Then I do a double integrate over the redshift range and flux range. But the plot that I get has no connection with observational results. I am wondering if you could have a look at the codes and help me wo solve the problem.
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    How far off are your resuklts from the "observational" results that you are talking about and what are those results, yours and the observational ones? Also I don't under stand why you double integrated over the redshift range and flux range?
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    Actually the slope of my plot is totally different from the observation one. In attached images you can compare these two. The reason for integration is that we are supposed to calculate the cumulative number counts (N>S) and it should be integrated over the redshift range (0,Zmax) and (S, inf.).

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