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Curious ape grooms human

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    Beautiful video. Useful perhaps to educate people who are ashamed of our primate cousins? Richard Dawkins says he is proud to be an African ape.

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    Reminds me on my experience with Natalie. Natalie had a baby and as one usually does, I praised her lovely baby, you know, just saying what proud new mothers love to hear. Unfortunately it seemed I've exaggerated it a bit too much and Natalie apparently got the impression I would like to have her baby, so she decided to spit at me. A great pity, I really like bonobos.
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    Just one more. Good night.

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    Very touching and absolutely believable, though the recognition of the girl after a period during which she had changed was impressive in itself.

    Naive anti-anthropomorphism is IMAO no more defensible than naive anthropomorphism. I have seen too many examples of unrelated animal species, both wild and tame, young and old, sponteneously interacting as though they were conspecifics, for me to be able to reject the significance of such behaviour out of hand.

    People who regard it as an Ockhamian virtue to think of such interaction as insignificant or logically invalid, understand the significance of Ockham's principle no better than they understand biological interaction.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    Have you paid attention to the number of primate avatars males choose on here? They are proud of it...
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    I see the first video was removed by Youtube. I have no idea why. Youtube's explanation is not helpful.

    I found a shorter version on another channel.

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