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Curl of the transpose of a gradient of a vector: demonstration of an identity

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    I would like to demonstrate an identity with the INDICIAL NOTATION. I have attached my attempt. Please let me know where I made mistakes. Any suggestion? I am trying to understand tensors all by myself because they are the keys in continuum mechanics

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    What sort of vector product are you using here [itex]\hat{e}_i \hat{e}_j[/itex]?
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    tensor product
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    Is this question so difficult? Please help me: I am trying to learn tensors and I would like to know what my mistake is. Thanks!
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    Any suggestion?
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    Can anyone suggest a forum to post my question? Thanks
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    anything? please help!
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    Is my question too difficult? Please advise.
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    I don't really understand what is meant by
    [tex]\nabla \mathbf{u}[/tex].

    For example, if [tex]\mathbf{u}=u_j\hat{e}_j[/tex], then [tex]\nabla \mathbf{u}=(\partial_i\hat{e}_i)(u_j\hat{e}_j)=\partial_iu_j\hat{e}_i\hat{e}_j[/tex].

    But what is [tex]\hat{e}_i\hat{e}_j[/tex]; the inner product between the unit basis vectors? Then the result would be a scalar instead of a vector.
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    Any other input?
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    You should at least explain how you define [itex]\nabla u[/itex] when u is a vector.
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    The problem is at the very bottom line in the definition of a curl of a tensor. I found 2 definitions which contradict to each other. Mine is one of them. I will email the authors.
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    I asked an expert. The question was not trivial. After a while I found out that there are different definitions of curl of a tensor.
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