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Current and prospective job market for EE

  1. May 17, 2012 #1
    I graduated from university in the liberal arts a few years ago, and oddly enough fell in LOVE with electricity and everything about it since. Whether it's in the application of designing computer chips and circuits, to power stations and energy systems, I have made the decision to go back to school for an accelerated "technologist" program in Canada this coming september to pursue this newfound interest.

    What I'd like to know (from personal experiences)

    - What kind of jobs can i expect as an electrical engineering technologist (I'm willing to relocate anywhere in Canada/USA)

    - Should I go back and get my B.Eng (option to do so with an additional 2 years of studying)

    - Will my age work against me (I have 5 years of work experience, but by the time i graudate from the technologist program i will be 26 and likely looking for entry level work)

    - I am particularly interested in developing and maintaining power systems, is that a good area of study to specialize in?

    I have done a lot of research on my end, but I haven't posted this here yet so I'd really appreciate any feedback (especially personal experiences!)
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    I am a graduate engineering technologist from canada, I have found work in the mining industry in labrador, the pay is very rewarding, the work is good (dirty) working as an industrial electrician on mobile equipment.

    I have received a leave of absence to return to university for two years to complete by bachelors degree in EE, there is definitely a job market for it, like yourself I am interested in power systems and power delivery.

    I am so convinced I can find a job in it with my interest ( we share that ) I am willing to give up the great progress I have made here.

    Plus I have made enough money at this job to pay for my education abroad.

    OK so, no your age doesn't matter, people like mature students, the eldest graduate from our class was the hardest worker and the first one with a job (field service with newfoundland power)

    The job field for technologists are broad, as I said, I found work as an Industrial Electrician, and they are funding me through the block program as well, so in two years I will have accumulated my hours, and will have my journeypersons status, my diploma in technology, and my bachelors degree in ee. You could get jobs in CAD operating, servicing equipment, from industrial or residential work all the way up to actual design work.

    I think the BEng is worth it, either at thunder bay or BC, well I'm going for it.. best of luck to you as well.
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    Foiwater thank you very much for your reply, it's refreshing to hear about things from a first-hand perspective rather than "opinions".

    It's fantastic to hear things are going so well on your end! Since you are an engineering technologist may i ask where you studied, and what you did while studying to become as successful as you have been after completing the program?


    How is the math in the program?

    Did you have prior experience with electricity/electronics prior to the program?

    I am likely going to enroll in the program at fanshawe college in london ontario, since they have an accelerated two year program.
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    I studied in st john's, NL.

    I just worked hard the teachers were helpful and doing all advanced courses and being right out off high school helped.

    The math is fine you will have no worries, you will do some calculus as is expected, as well as laplace transforms/fourier series'.

    I had no electrical experience prior, but when I got to work terms, I couldn't wait to learn as much as I could.

    Good luck w/ your program, although if you plan to do the bridging in ontario for your BEng, you might not consider the accelerated program lest you are ready for a lot of make up courses in your engineering course, I have to do a lot, including transition in 3 weeks all summer, just to get in the faculty..

    Good luck !
  6. May 18, 2012 #5
    Yeah I've heard the transition is rough but it is the best move I can make. I just came back from living abroad a month ago and no university would accept me since they had already sent out acceptance letters months before.

    I wish you the very very best too! Thank you so much for your insight and I'm sure you'll ace your way through the summer transition program, do keep in touch, i'd love to hear how you're progressing.
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    Sure !
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