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Current EE Student looking for Nanotech grad program suggestions

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    Hello, everyone. I am currently in an EE program with an expected graduation date of June 2012, and I am getting a better idea of what I want to be doing later down the road. I have decided that I want to pursue graduate studies with Nanotechnology. I am mostly interested with nanotech applications to energy and medical purposes, but the whole field is incredibly interesting to me, and I think it has a bright future.

    As of right now, I am studying at the Oregon Institute of Technology. From what I have heard, it is a well ranked Engineering program that has close relationships with Techtronix and Intel. My current plan is to complete my 4 year degree there and then go to another school for a graduate program because OIT does not offer one.

    Which brings me to yet another question. How do I verify that the school I am attending right now is a good enough school to make it into graduate programs at other "bigger" universities? I am specifically interested in the University of Washington.

    So sum up my questions:

    1. Is it a good idea for me to continue at Oregon Institute of Technology? Or am I shooting myself in the foot?

    2. What schools are recommended for nanotechnology graduate programs?

    3. What is a good method for comparing different schools? Is there a specific website that is good for comparing school rankings and which is good for what?

    Thank you very much :)
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    Bump :x

    I am also most interested in graduate studies at UW at the moment. Any advice as to whether I am on a good track right now?
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