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Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of another person.
Nineteenth-century writers on psychology such as William James used the words "suggest" and "suggestion" in the context of a particular idea which was said to suggest another when it brought that other idea to mind. Early scientific studies of hypnosis by Clark Leonard Hull and others extended the meaning of these words in a special and technical sense (Hull, 1933).
The original neuropsychological theory of hypnotic suggestion was based upon the ideomotor reflex response that William B. Carpenter declared, in 1852, was the principle through which James Braid's hypnotic phenomena were produced.

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  1. P

    Suggestion Why is there no 'history of physics' forum?

    I think a specific forum for history of physics and mathematics here would be fun. It could also help some users understand the origin or the motivation of whatever topic they are studying. There is a forum for for art, music, history and others, but it seems focused on discussing many things...
  2. P

    Studying Should I study relativistic QFT to get non-relativistic QFT?

    First time in PF, I am sorry if I did not choose the right category. I have been doing theory in condensed matter (mostly numerics) as a PhD but I never got to learn proper quantum field theory (QFT). Aside from a few introductory courses at university, I never learned what is a many-body...
  3. V9999

    Open problems and suggestions of great mathematical journals

    Hi! Suppose that someone had solved an old but open problem in the great area of mathematics and physics, for instance, dynamical systtems, algebraic geometry and differential equations. Based on your broad experience, what are the best scientific journals to submit such a discovery? In...
  4. W

    Quantum Suggestions for math/ math courses to take before QFT

    Hello, I was wondering what math/ math courses I should study or take before QFT. I've taken courses in linear algebra (one course), diff. equations, partial diff. equations. Thanks!
  5. MathematicalPhysicist

    Suggestions for future reading — Supergravity by Freedman or A First Course in String Theory by Zweibach?

    What do you recommend to read first, Supergravity by Freedman or A First Course in String Theory by Zweibach? For future consideration.
  6. Eclair_de_XII

    Can anyone provide suggestions for a book on prose-writing?

    I'm re-reading through my fiction piece right now, and I'm noticing numerous problems that I did not notice when I was typing it up. These problems include, but are not limited to: I worry about my grammar being incorrect at times * (see below for an example) The focus of a scene w.r.t. a given...
  7. Melbourne Guy

    Any suggestions for an open source Windows 10 disk encryption app

    The summary says it all, really, but in addition, I've done a lot of googling and am finding it hard to identify trustworthy options. LibreCrypt, DiskCryptor and VeraCrypt are candidates, but I have not used any of these tools so am wary of jumping in and finding that I have bricked my PC.
  8. Istiak

    I Book suggestions for classical thermodynamics

    I was looking for book on classical thermodynamics. I found lot of related posts in PSE but couldn't find a book which type I was expecting. I was searching for book which covers the whole thermodynamics (not QM but it's ok if there's some knowledge of Relativity), and I want some problems in...
  9. M

    Requesting suggestions for languages, libraries, and architectures for parallel (and sometimes non parallel) numerical and scientific computations

    A lot of the work I am interested to do will be mostly built from scratch by myself, provided there is fair support for numerical types (like complex numbers) and high precision numerical operations (if not, I'll be happy to write those routines as well). Many of my areas of interest are...
  10. M

    Algebra Looking for my first textbook on Linear Algebra Need suggestions

    First of all, I attached pictures of the very last algebra textbook that I have finished studying. I'm going the self taught route. I really loved this book because it had lots of examples, practice exercises, quizzes and even tests! It also had answers in the back. It's currently my favorite...
  11. N

    B Suggestions for Internal Assessment Project on Young's Modulus

    Hi. I am in the IB and am looking at doing a physics IA (internal assessment) on Young's modulus on an elastic material. I was thinking of doing it on the the stretchy snakes like the candy. What would I need to cover in this?
  12. D

    My weird geneva mechanism doesn't work. Looking for suggestions

    Two things that I think I should say before I describe what I did: First, I do not have any physics-related background (but I have a degree in CS, and I'd like to think I have a good enough grasp on math to be able to understand equations describing motion of objects). So please forgive me if...
  13. july21

    Studying Seeking your suggestions on my upcoming undergraduate course workload

    I'm an upcoming undergraduate physics student and I had make a brief plan on my undergraduate study. sem 1: general chemistry, introphy1+lab, calculus, linear algebra 1 sem 2: advanced calculus 1, introphy2&3+2labs sem 3: advanced calculus 2, classical mechanics 1, electrodynamics 1, linear...
  14. D

    I need to write a paper on mathematical chemistry -- Any suggestions?

    I can choose any topic. The paper doesn't have to be original. Please suggest a simple paper to write which involves math and chemistry. I am in second year university.
  15. Stal

    Computational Literature suggestions please (Topological Quantum Computers)

    Hi, I will be starting my research in topological QC (based on non abelian anyons following the work of A. Yu. Kitaev). To begin understanding this theory, I need to develop a background in the braiding group used to describe anyons, fault tolerance in quantum computers and probably condensed...
  16. Andy Resnick

    Media Literacy assignment: suggestions?

    I am toying with the idea of introducing a 'media literacy' assignment in my intro physics course this fall; my hope is to find a 'reputable' and a 'biased' report on a science topic that I can redact bylines/organizations from and have students compare/contrast. Thoughts? And I'm probably...
  17. maistral

    A Starting BDF iterations - suggestions?

    As we know, backward differentiation formulas for ODE start off with the backward Euler; which proceeds as: If I wanted to switch to the second order method; Can anyone recommend me ideas as to how to generate the initially required yn+1? The only thing I can think of are as follows: Use a...
  18. T

    A Differential Geometry Class: Suggestions Welcome

    Can anyone recommend a good on-line class for differential geometry? I'd like to start studying GR but want a good background in differential geometry before doing so. Many thanks.
  19. Physicistpropeller

    Programs Research paper reading suggestions

    Hey guys, I am currently in 11th grade. I am just used to solving Olympiad problems and proving some random theorems. I think i should start studying some reasearch papers for ny own benefit..any suggestions for where to start with? Suggest from intro to intermediate level...will be fine...
  20. XCodeX

    Cosmology What are some recommended books for studying mathematical physics?

    Hi All. It is my first post here. I am PhD student studying algebraic/complex geometry. I am very interested in mathematical physics. I am currently enrolled in two courses in coursera electrodynamics and thermodynamics. Can someone suggest what courses I should enrol in or study plus books ? I...
  21. theycallmevirgo

    Cheap and fast repair project suggestions

    As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm going to be completing my bench at some point in the not too distant future and I'd like to look at some repair projects that will a) show some net profit and b) make me look like someone worth hiring. Obviously I can do PCs and smartphones (and I will do some of...
  22. R

    Intro Math Suggestions for an Intro to Proofs Math textbook for Self Study

    Hi everyone. I'll be taking a course in the fall called "Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning", which is basically and introduction to proof-based mathematics. The syllabus says we will be covering the first seven chapters of Smith, Eggen, and St. Andre's "Transition to Advanced...
  23. Terrakron

    Teaching Chemistry labs and demonstrations online now -- Suggestions Please

    Summary:: How to do chemistry labs and demonstrations for online education. I am teaching two lab sessions one on general chemistry, one on organic chemistry. Now th we are going “online” I need a lot of help. Do you have videos showing labs?
  24. B

    Suggestions to start studying Physics and Maths

    Some suggestions to start studying Physics and Maths. Hello guys. I am a beginner. I want to study physics and maths on my own. My interests are relativity, space, time, how black holes work, how big the universe is, etc. And in maths, anything that could help me study mentioned above topics...
  25. E

    Classical Suggestions for fun problem-solving type books

    I was just looking to see if anyone knew of a book pitched at the pre-university to undergrad level which contains slightly more unconventional Physics/Maths problems, but is not as formal as some of the old warhorses like Irodov. Something similar to what I'm looking for would be Professor...
  26. Haorong Wu

    Quantum Need suggestions about textbooks on optics

    Hi, guys. I need 2 textbooks for my graduate courses, including quantum optics and nonlinear optics. Thanks!
  27. Pispi Choudhury

    Courses Math & Physics Courses for Quantum & Statistical Field Theory

    Summary:: What are the relevant mathematics/ mathematical physics courses for studying quantum field theory and statistical field theory? I'm a physics undergraduate currently in my junior(third) year, thanks.
  28. VVS2000

    I want to try an experiment related to mechanics -- suggestions please

    If anyone has an idea for an experiment or has any kind of manual containing experiments related to mechanics, that would really be helpful. If you have an idea like a new way to find moment of inertia of given object or anything like that, please do tell. I would really love to try it. Thanks
  29. Mark44

    Need suggestions for a new camera

    I have a small point-and-shoot camera, Canon Powershot A560, that's getting a bit long in the tooth. It doesn't seem to want to store the date and time any longer, despite taking the batteries out and putting them back in (I use the NiCad batteries designed for cameras, which last longer), and...
  30. miafrasca_

    B High school Astrophysics Research Project Suggestions Please

    Hi, so I'm currently a senior high school student and I'm doing a research project on Astrophysics. I just need help on picking a topic as I know there is a lot out there. I need a project idea that is current but not too challenging as I am limited with resources. Thanks.
  31. R

    Studying Suggestions for papers to read in Classical Mechanics

    Greeting, I wanted some suggestion regarding classic and essential papers to read in Classical Mechanics. The first semester is over, and I want to expand upon what I have learnt. If there is some paper or topic in particular that you found interesting personally early on, it would be helpful. I...
  32. Pispi Choudhury

    Calculus Book suggestions and good lecture notes on the calculus of variation

    I need suggestions on books and good lecture notes on calculus of variation. I've previously studied vector calculus and multivariable calculus.
  33. Yadvendra

    Engineering Book Suggestions for Graduate Physics Exam

    Summary:: Need book suggestion for following syllabus. (Globally available hardcopy is preferred) I'm a civil engineer and need to study graduate level physics for an exam. I need suggestion for a book consisting basic to moderate depth of the topics below. I've comfortable with both, algebra...
  34. kpuding

    Physics Study Marathon -- Book Suggestions Please

    I am planning to study 8 semesters worth of physics major (physics introduction until field theory, QED, particle physics, etc.) What are the recommended books for each subject? I am currently at Schaum's vector analysis, is it enough for the subject?
  35. F

    Classical Textbook Suggestions for a Physics Student with Little Experience

    Hello everyone! Before I begin, I would like to thank you for helping me by responding or just being intrigued by this. I’m a high school student who wants to basically have a very deep understanding of classical mechanics (for f=ma exam and ultimately my dream). My only experience with physics...
  36. S

    Geometry I would like suggestions regarding reading about geometry and manifolds

    Hi, I just finished up with Riemann Geometry not to long ago, and did something with complex geometry on kahler manifolds. In your opinion what would be a next logical step for someone to study? I am very interested in manifold theory and differential geometry in general. I'm somewhat familiar...
  37. R

    Looking for suggestions for software on a new tablet

    My old tablet is still working, but since there are no updates for years and it stuck at running some Android 4.xx system, there are problems piling up: incompatibility, lack of support, weird problems with software and so on. So I've decided to get a new one, this time with Win10 - I can still...
  38. tholepin

    I'm attempting to train a quantum dog (Rusty), suggestions?

    I'm attempting to train and interact with a quantum dog named Rusty. Any and all suggestions are or aren't appreciated.
  39. G

    Suggestions for research topics for M.Sc. in Nuclear Power Engineering

    Summary: Suggestion on experimental research related to reactor for master's degree dissertation. Summary: Suggestion on experimental research related to reactor for master's degree dissertation. I have just started my master's degree course in Nuclear Power Engineering and decided to...
  40. B

    Classical Book suggestions on Galilean Transformations

    Hi, I'm looking for books with a really good explanation on Galilean Transformations. I find the books and/or sections where only the theory of how to convert from one to another inertial system is mentioned, but nothing with concrete examples and additional exercises. Any suggestions are...
  41. L

    I Reading suggestions about the "nature of time"

    There are quite some pop-sci books (by Greene, Smolin, Carroll and others) that deal with the "nature of time". Why does time appear to flow? Why is there a special moment, the "now"? Does simultaneity in SR imply a block universe? Why time-symmetric laws but a time-unsymmetric universe? Does...
  42. TachyonLord

    Project on Electricity & Magnetism(Topic Suggestions needed)

    So I have taken up this course on Electricity and Magnetism and we need to prepare a project as in not very broad as such but for example, attempting to solve a problem or something that is related to the subject but off the course. I'd like to involve computation too in some form or the other...
  43. F

    Suggestions for a hobby DIY project?

    I'm actually an electronic engineer, but never really worked in the field, due to lack of opportunities in my home country. Instead I worked as computer programmer, and I had lots of satisfaction and accomplishment in that field. Meanwhile I remember that 40 years ago, in my teens, I used to...
  44. GoldenBear

    Suggestions for books about scientific computing using Python

    Looking for suggestions on books (or other learning material) that will help me improve my skills using Python for scientific computing. I am comfortable with Python programming (syntax, conditional statements, loops, etc.), and use it for data analysis in my undergraduate experimental physics...
  45. MatthewNITX

    Relativity Suggestions for a Physics Textbook on Special & General Relativity

    Hey my fellow physics-students/physicists. I'd like to ask if you guys could suggest me a textbook/s that sufficient for integrated course of "special" and "general relativity". More precisely, That contain about: Introduction about the birth of relativity and principle, and the transformation...
  46. dRic2

    Suggestions to help me buy a smartphone

    I had a smartphones last year, then it broke and I used to get by with an old "phone" (it was actually one of the first smartphones), but I'm using it just for calls/texts and nothing else. I really got used to this "old" style: no distractions and other stuff I always hated about smartphones...
  47. Gerson J Ferreira

    Solid State Group theory paper suggestions for my classes

    I teach group theory for physicists, and I like to teach it following some papers. In general my students work with condensed matter, so I discuss group theory following these papers: [1] Group Theory and Normal Modes, American Journal of Physics 36, 529 (1968) [2] Nonsymmorphic Symmetries and...
  48. Hawkingo

    I Want some suggestions for research papers on quantum entanglement

    I want to know more about quantum entanglement and I am a undergrad student in physics.Can someone suggest some research journals or articles to easily understand the concept deeply?
  49. dRic2

    Studying Suggestions for studying Electromagnetism

    (Hope I posted in the right section) Hi, starting from next semester I will have to attend classes that require a "decent" understanding of electromagnetism. I know very little about it though (it's a very long story...) so I started to study Griffith's book. At least I know the mathematics...
  50. P

    Studying Textbook suggestions for LiDAR/Radar/RF Telemetry

    Previously I made this post, and soon after realized how woefully unprepared I am to approach such a topic. As stated in the post, I think my best use of time would be to gain background knowledge on the topic before attempting a project, but now I think I've found a better focus as to what...