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Current State of the Big Freeze end of the Universe Theory.

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    I was trying to find an updated view on the plausibility of the Big Freeze. I believe that a couple of years ago, it was considered the most likely end of the world scenario and I was just wondering if it still is.

    Also as a side question: I understand that Big Freeze happens with an indefinite expansion of the universe. Does this occur exclusively with a Wq value of -1 exactly or any value below -1/3, given that it stays below -1/3 indefinitely.
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    Yes, the current cosmological model does have the universe ending in heat death.
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    By Wq do you mean the equation of state, [itex]w = p/\rho[/itex]? If so, [itex]w<-1/3[/itex] is the condition for inflation -- accelerated expansion -- which is not the only way to achieve heat death. As long as the universe is open or flat, so that the scale factor is monotonically increasing in the limit [itex]t\rightarrow \infty[/itex], the universe will succumb to heat death.
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