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Intro Physics Cutnell Physics 9th ed vs 10th ed?

  1. Jan 17, 2016 #1
    Hey everyone. I need the Physics book by Cutnell and Johnson 10th edition with the WileyPlus access code for my physics class, but I was wondering how different the 9th and 10th editiions are if anybody has access to both. I was able to download the 9th edition for free off of Scribd and all of the chapters/sections are titled exactly the same, but I'm worried the practice/homework questions might be different. Thanks
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    Why don't you wait to see what the instructor is going to use the WileyPlus for/read the syllabus. If there is electronic homework, it's likely you'll need the code which probably comes with a Eversion of the text if you buy it from their website. If your instructor doesn't assign homework, wants physical homework, simply suggests problems, etc. then you'll be okay.

    Haven't ever read the book, but most of the edition changes just move questions around, change the numbers, maybe adds a couple of more. There's no reason for 10 editions of an introductory mechanics book, other than to make money for the publisher.

    FYI, It's also not good form to go around saying you pirated the book. That's slightly illegal, if you didn't know.
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    If the class requires an online access code, then hw will most likely be done on the website that requires the access code. Sometimes it is cheaper purchasing the access code separately and getting an older edition of the book. Sometimes its cheaper buying the access code that is bundled with the book.
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    Well I would've waited but I did that last semester and ended up needing the book right away so I was worried that would happen again. Anyway, it seems like my professor doesn't use the wiley program for hw because he said he'll be giving out hw once a week.

    Thanks for the tip on posting about my download. It wasn't a torrent so I guess I thought it was okay.
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