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Homework Help: Cutting edge introductory info re: field emission microscopy and imaging methods

  1. Feb 8, 2012 #1

    I'm self-taught and am currently trying to get up to date about the newest developments in field-emission microscopy and other methods of imaging sub-atomic structures. I'm able to follow (though just barely) Mikhailovskij et al.'s 2009 paper in Physical Review showing electron orbitals in a carbon atom from graphene, but I understand that reliable (and one assumes, replicable) developments in the methodology have potentially now outstripped the methods in that paper.

    Could someone please recommend resources I could look at that will help me to follow and come further up to date with this, short of my enrolling in a graduate program?--something a little bit beyond a layperson's approach (although I won't object to that either) but not too much more.

    Many thanks!
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    Hi Spinnor,

    Thanks for the links and sorry for the delay in response. What I was looking for was something more along the lines of 1-2 academic review article(s) but pitched for lay-people, rather than having to go through ArXiv tables of contents and lists of links which might or might not result in read-able (by me) papers. Any thoughts?

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