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Introductory diving, also known as introductory scuba experience, trial diving and resort diving are dives where people without diver training or certification can experience scuba diving under the guidance of a recreational diving instructor. Introductory diving is an opportunity for interested people to find out by practical experience at a relatively low cost if they would be interested in greater involvement in scuba diving. For scuba instructors and diving schools is it an opportunity to acquire new customers. An introductory diving experience is much less time-consuming and costly than the completion of autonomous diver training, but has little lasting value, as it is an experience program only, for which no certification is issued. Introductory scuba diving experiences are intended to introduce people to recreational diving, and increase the potential client base of dive shops to include people who do not have the time or inclination to complete an entry level certification program.

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  1. o79

    Sinusoidal Radiation Statements (T/F)

    Which of the following are true for sinusoidal radiation? 1) The electric field and the magnetic field have the same magnitude at the same point in space. 2) The electric field is perpendicular to the magnetic field. 3) The source of the radiation is oscillating charges. 4) The radiation pattern...
  2. K

    How much work is done to hold a book at a constant height?

    Please can anyone help me with problem? I don't know if the work is 0 J
  3. paulimerci

    Intro Physics Recommendations on Introductory physics and AP physics 1 books?

    Greetings to all. I'm looking for the best textbook for introductory physics that has clear explanations and is problem-oriented. I'd also appreciate any recommendations for textbooks for the AP Physics 1 exam.
  4. H

    Good introductory book on statistical/data analysis?

    TL;DR Summary: I'm looking for a book on statistical/data analysis. Hey all. I've been doing statistical analysis in my research (such as using PCA and LDA), but I have never received a formal education on statistical analysis or data mining, and what I know about analysis is quite scattered...
  5. TGV320

    Classical Looking for introductory level physics textbook

    Hello, I am currently preparing to learn the 8.01 course "Physics I" via the MIT OCW and I am trying to find an adequate textbook for that purpose. In the three courses that I have found, the first two use: Young, H. D., and R. A. Freedman. University Physics. which is quite expensive in my...
  6. Santiago24

    Quantum Introductory quantum mechanics textbook for self-study

    Hi! I want to self study some of quantum mechanics so i need introductory textbook. I've taken courses on linear algebra that covers all "Linear algebra done right" by Sheldon Axler, multivariable calculus, two courses on general physics and the basics of differentials equations. I really like...
  7. Yink

    An introductory question about special relativity

    The way I was doing is that I list events 1. lightning hits x=0 this is (x_1=0,t_1) 2. lightning hits x=12 (x_2=12,t_2) 3. left lightning reaches "me" (x_3=9,t_3) 4. right lightning reaches "me" (x_4=9,t_4=t_3) t_4=t_3 since "I" see the lightning at the same time Then the...
  8. hackedagainanda

    Intro Math Introductory Probability without Calculus

    Are there any good introductory texts aimed at students with only a working knowledge of High School Algebra? I currently have: Probability: An Introduction by Samuel Goldberg I do plan on eventually learning Calculus, but I would like to start learning probability sooner.
  9. J

    Intro Physics Introductory Physics, by John D. Mays

    I understand the reaction from the majority of those here in PF to John's reference to his faith in this book: however, if you set aside all such references for the moment and just look at the way Physics is presented in the book how would you who have read it rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 for...
  10. sacrovalle

    Recommendations on introductory reading to ionosphere phenomena

    Hello everyone! I'm currently an Aerospace major student entering my third year of college, studying in northern Mexico. After enrolling in a summer school by Mexico's national space weather lab, I have been offered an opportunity to participate in the development of an ionosonde antenna in my...
  11. DanielJorge

    Intro Physics Looking for an Introductory Physics Book without Flashy Presentation?

    Are there any books that are NOT like "University Physics (Young)" / "Fundamentals of Physics (Halliday)" in presentation, but that are suitable for a first course on the subjects of those books? The mentioned books are too "flashy", full of colorful boxes, etc. I don't like this and I find it...
  12. korwynkim

    Intro Physics General introductory physics books compared to specific books on each topic

    What exactly is the difference in the way an general physics book (Halliday and Resnick, Young and Freedman) covers topics like mechanics, EM, and thermodynamics, compared to respective books like Kleppner and Kolenkow, Griffiths, and Schroeder, other than the amount of material covered for each...
  13. F

    I Gap between introductory physics & solid state physics?

    The left pic is the initial state and the right pics are 2 different descriptions for a metal under electric field E. Are the 2 on the right contradictory and which is correct?
  14. StenEdeback

    I Good introductory book for chaos theory?

    Hi, I have undergraduate level knowledge about mathematics, quantum physics, and general theory of relativity. Now I am curious about chaos theory, and I would be grateful for suggestions of good introductory books to chaos theory. They may be both introductory and a bit more advanced.Sten Edebäck
  15. A

    Looking for a good introductory book on thermodynamics

    Hi, I have been studying physics again and I was looking for a good introductory book for thermodynamics. I wanted to know if there is a book in thermodynamics that would be the equivalent to "An introduction to Mechanics" by Kleppner/Kolenkow, or "Electricity and Magnetism" by Purcell? These 2...
  16. sahilmm15

    Classical Some books on introductory classical physics

    I need some suggestions on classical physics. You can help me with some high school papers or books to get started with.Thanks!
  17. StenEdeback

    Relativity Good introductory book about general relativity at undergraduate level

    Summary:: I am looking for a good introductory book about general relativity at undergraduate level. I am looking for a good introductory book about general relativity at undergraduate level.
  18. sahilmm15

    Intro Math Introductory Math Textbooks for gaining insight into the subject

    What are good books for learning about math? Not textbooks, but books that provide insight into mathematical phenomena.
  19. StenEdeback

    Good introductory book about Lie Group Theory?

    Summary:: Good introductory book about Group Theory? Hi, I am looking for a good introductory book about Group Theory for physicists.
  20. Demandish

    Introductory Linear Algebra Texts

    I am currently enrolled in Multivariate Calculus and am looking to get build up a solid base of mathematics for undergraduate physics curriculum. I am looking for a Linear algebra book that will aid me in my quest. I currently own Axler's Linear Algebra Done Right, but I fear it is too...
  21. archaic

    Prob/Stats Introductory textbook for Probability and Statistics

    Hello! I'll be taking a probability and statistics course this semester. Does anyone know of any good textbook? I have access to an extensive catalogue of books on springer, so it would be extremely preferable for me if you could recommend something from there. Thanks.
  22. M

    I Looking for introductory level reading on Rabi and Ramsey spectroscopy

    Hello! Can someone point me towards some introductory levels readings on Rabi and Ramsey spectroscopy. It seems that most readings online are scientific papers, I would like something more basic (e.g. lecture notes). Thank you!
  23. A

    Introductory application of the Newton Euler equations to a composite body

    α is the second derivative of angle and w is the first derivative In the free body diagrams the only force on A is the normal force since it is only constrained not to move vertically. Have I drawn the free body diagram and kinetic diagram correctly? By relating the accelerations of the...
  24. Adesh

    Classical Rigorous introductory books on Electromagnetism

    I need some rigorous introductory books on Electromagnetism, by rigorous I mean detailed and mathematical. Many books that I have found don’t actually work out the field produced by current carrying toroid, solenoid or even some other simple electrostatic situations. They just write “by...
  25. S

    High Energy Introductory notes on AdS/CFT or black hole thermodynamics

    I am looking for a book/notes on the topics mentioned in the title that would be accessible to an undergrad. I have a background in grad quantum and statistical mechanics, but most resources I found on those topics assume a familiarity with QFT, string theory, gauge theory, and general...
  26. Adesh

    Classical I need some self-contained introductory books on Fluid Mechanics

    By Fluid Mechanics I mean the mechanics of fluids, both at rest and in motion. I'm unable to find introductory books on Fluid Mechanics which contains everything in itself, for example I downloaded Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics by Munson, Young, Okiishi, Huebsch and I don't know why but I...
  27. L

    MHB Introductory Algebra Percentage Word Problem

    The problem as given in the book: The price of a dress is marked down 20% on May 1. On May 25th the reduced price is marked down an additional 15% to \$51. (a) What percent of the original price is the final sale price? (b) "What is the original price? All I could think was trying to work...
  28. J

    Introductory Circuit Analysis—power ratings

    I am going through "Circuit Analysis for Dummies". On pg 18, it says, "If you calculate the power dissipated as 0.1 watts, then a 0.25-watt resistor can handle this amount of power. A 0.125-watt resistor should be able to handle that amount as well, but when it comes to power ratings, err on the...
  29. zeronem

    Introductory Real Analysis Problem

    $$r<x<s$$ $$s-r>0$$ We enploy the Archimedean principle where $$n(s-r)>1$$ We employ density of rationals where $$\exists [m,m+1] \in Q$$ Such that $$nr\in [m,m+1)$$ Therefore $$m\leq nr \lt m+1$$$$ \frac m n \leq r \lt \frac m n + \frac 1 n $$ Since $$ \frac m n \leq r $$ Then $$...
  30. HydrogenBurns

    Astrophysics Introductory books on Star Formation

    So as the title suggests, I'm looking for some introductory books on Star Formation. I have a rudementary idea of the concept from a module I took last year which I found really interesting. I'm looking to apply for a research scholarship next academic year in which I would undertake a research...
  31. archaic

    Foundations Discover Foundational Mathematics to Axioms and Set Theory

    Hello, I basically want to know more about the founding axioms, set theory and get a grasp of the foundations. Any suggestions? Doing a quick search, I have found a free ebook by Kenneth Kunen, http://www.math.wisc.edu/~kunen/770.html, does anyone know of it? Although I would very much prefer...
  32. bagasme

    Courses Introductory Chemistry Requirement for Physics Majors: Why is it Mandatory?

    Hello, I looked into lists of subjects/courses for Physics Major, and I surprised that Introductory Chemistry is in the list, as mandatory course. I suspect that Molecule and Solids and Nuclear Physics chapter have to do with chemistry Why is it mandatory to take Introductory Chemistry course...
  33. Haorong Wu

    Quantum Introductory textbook for cavity quantum electrodynamics

    Hi. I'm having a hard time learning the physical realization of quantum computers. I got stuck with the section of optical cavity quantum eletrodynamics. There are some concepts I am not familiar with. I think I should read some introductory textbooks which cover cavity quantum electrodynamics...
  34. AryaKimiaghalam

    Courses Taking an introductory topology course for physics

    Hello,I'm a freshman undergraduate physics student. I'm mainly considering theoretical physics for graduate school (condensed matter and AMO physics). There is an introductory topology course at my university which is offered by the math department. Will taking topology be useful for any...
  35. opus

    Introductory Analysis -- Self Studying

    Hi all. I'm looking for a little guidance on starting out in self-studying analysis. The reason is two-fold. Firstly, I am very interested in it and want to have a deeper understanding of Calculus rather than the computational plug and chugs I learned in Calculus I last semester. Second, I've...
  36. A

    Studying Conceptual Deficits in my Introductory Physics course

    Hello! I'm enrolled in PHY 1 in college and this is my first encounter with the subject. I'm usually able to derive the correct answers to the questions, but I consistently sense that I lack a firm understanding of what I'm calculating and or the justification of the steps involved. That...
  37. MaximusDecimus

    Introductory Physics - Finding "little g"

    Hello i am new, I have written this piece for homework with reference, and wondering how i can write it better. Maybe i have written too much or too little, i would appreciate some help. Regards. Little gLittle g, what is considered as G-Force or Gravitational Force is the force in which...
  38. smodak

    Quantum New introductory Quantum Mechanics book from Schwichtenberg

    I liked his Group Theory book. Now he wrote a QM book. No-Nonsense Quantum Mechanics: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide To The Quantum World
  39. Mahavir

    Chemistry A good introductory biochemistry book for medical school

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to find an introductory textbook that really introduces biochemistry with a very basic approach. As part of my first year medical courses, I will need to take a few weeks of biochemistry and the textbook that has been recommended is Lodish et al. Molecular Cell...
  40. stephen8686

    Introductory QM boundary conditions

    Homework Statement A particle is represented by the following wave function: ψ(x)=0 x<-L/2 =C(2x/L+1) -L/2<x<0 =C(-2x/L+1) 0<x<+L/2 =0 x>+L/2 use the normalization condition to find C Homework Equations ψ(x) must be...
  41. Humbleness

    Electromagnetic Induction Problem (Very Introductory)

    Homework Statement Look at the following diagram: - copy the diagram and then label the poles for the induced magnetic field and the direction of the induced current - explain what would happen to the magnetic field and the current if the direction of motion of the magnet reversed - explain...
  42. R

    Classical Books with exercises on Classical Mechanics (Introductory)

    I need a book with exercises, to try to excel my next classical mechanics, I really to get a good grade. Thank you very much!
  43. jamalkoiyess

    Classical Swarm Dynamics Introductory Book

    I am searching for a good book that could be used as an introduction to the dynamics of swarms and maybe their self organization. I am a physics junior and would like something that is decent for that level.
  44. D

    Introductory Acoustics Homework Help

    Homework Statement Hi there, I am a beginner in acoustics and there are severals problems I am currently struggling while I was reading the first chapter of "Theory of Vortex Sound" (available on Google books). Homework Equations For Q4[/B]: The Attempt at a Solution For Q2 and 3, as...
  45. Ethan Singer

    Atomic Introductory (yet rigorous) Organic/Inorganic Chemistry book

    I'm a student in Pre-med looking to begin self-studying chemistry at a meticulous level. Since I've only recently graduated I haven't been too full on my course load, and I'm ready to change that immediately. However, as a student, I have no clue how I might choose great authors who give a...
  46. S

    Solid State Topological Superconductors -- Looking for introductory textbooks or study materials

    Dear All I am trying to study Topological superconductors but i have no idea about it. Can anyone suggest me an introductory book to start with.
  47. craigi

    A Introductory String Theory Texts

    I'm looking for a recommendation for an up to date, introductory String Theory text and an overview of the prerequisites. Thanks in advance.