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Dangers and safety considerations in the paper and pulp industry?

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    I'm doing a report and for one of my topics what dangers are there in the paper and pulp industry?.Also what safety precautions have to be taken in the paper and pulp industry when manufacturing?.Please be very detailed if possible.Thanks
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    You serious?
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    Yes I am.I posted this question on this sub forum hoping that you guys would reply more specifically then if I'd put it in the homework help sub-forum.Why you think I should've put it there instead?.
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    1. Wear a safety equipment - hard hat, safety equipment, and a reflective vest in appropriate areas.
    2. Do not wear loose clothing around rotating machinery.
    3. Stay clear of moving vehicles - you can see them, can they see you.
    4. Be aware of the location of designated safety stations
    5. Lock down equipment when doing any repair, and use the lock down tags.
    6. If any machine is designated with a lock down, do not attempt to power up the machine, unless everyone is clear and you are authorized to do so.
    7. etc
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