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Industry, in economics and economic geography, refers to the production of an economic good or service within an economy.

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  1. badr

    I What branch of electrical engineering uses a lot of probability?

    Hello everybody. I have used probability in troubleshooting electronic pcbs , but the complexity of the designs forced me to apply it in other branches of electrical engineering. What branch in electrical other than maintenance uses probability theory ?
  2. C

    Physics Can Computational Physicists Find Good Jobs In Industry?

    I am a transfer student in the states, I am considering pursuing a BS in computational applied physics. I do not want a PHD in physics, but I do love the subject. For you computational physicists in industry, do you like your job? Are there future opportunities for someone pursuing a BS in...
  3. robotkid786

    Other Are post docs expected nowadays?

    In the past, when I was younger i was under the impression that after a phd. Before becoming a lecturer, you have to complete post doc positions, and that the transition between a post doc and successful entry into academia is very low statistically. Sometimes people are stuck in post doc...
  4. physics32123

    Physics Scattering / inverse scattering industry jobs?

    Seeking to leave academia for industry and am seeking help identifying non-defense jobs where one can solve scattering / wave-like problems. I enjoy both numerical and analytic solutions partial differential equations where I have worked on parallel solutions to the TDSE in fortran and analytic...
  5. R

    Physics Dropping my PhD studies to join industry

    Hello all. I have recently completed my second year of PhD studies in the field of Optics and Photonics and I have decided to drop out of my program. I have lost passion for my project and field and would like to study renewable technologies (solar cells,batteries, fusion...) instead, I still...
  6. shivajikobardan

    Job Skills What's your career/life advice for a fresher entering industry?

    Pardon me if I can't ask this question here. Kindly delete it. I am a computer engineering graduate and I am entering industry for the first time. It's more of an internship. Fresher means a fresh graduate. What are the things that I should keep in mind. About myself, I am very...
  7. gleem

    Physicists in Industry - Action Needed

    The Institute of Physics of the UK (IOP) held a webinar in 2021 with industry representatives and university faculty to find a way to update the physics educational system for undergraduates so that they may be more readily assimilated into the modern workforce. An article published in the...
  8. Algr

    Highest useful Fahrenheit temperature?

    I was watching a video about energy storage, and the subject was stuff that was around 1500° celsius, and for the whole video the graphics kept including Fahrenheit equivalents. Now I use Fahrenheit when checking the weather outside. But that doesn't make 2732F° any more relatable a...
  9. R

    Physics Does a datascience job help in applying for PhD or physics scholarship

    I have a math degree and currently pursuing a BS in physics, I've been offered a job as a data scientist with occasional machine learning stuff. 1) Would this be helpful for my career in physics? If yes then how? (I'm aware that machine learning is being used in various areas of physics, but...
  10. Y

    Help Understanding Bushing Lubrication in Automotive Industry

    Hello Friends, So I have seen that polyurethane bushings in the automotive industry are greased every few years or otherwise squeaking will occur. This got me thinking if Rubber bushings in the automotive industry ever need to be greased? I think they are designed to run "dry" and don't need...
  11. C

    Math From math PhD to space industry - possible?

    Hello everybody, I am currently in the middle of my PhD in mathematics. In the beginning of the program I was quite sure that I would stay in academia, however it is becoming more and more clear to me that I want to go into industry once I am finished. During the last weeks I have started to...
  12. Kun-Kun

    Engineering What kind of engineers work in the semiconductor industry?

    What does a MechE/EE/ChemE usually do in this industry? I think that CS/CE works in the software department and architecture. For circuit and stuff, EEs will be working on that. ChemE works on the actual manufacturing of chips. Materials E work in this department too, I think. Am I correct...
  13. P

    Job Skills Any industry jobs for physics grads requiring no programming?

    Hi all, my question is as title. I am a fourth year PhD student in US and planning to graduate early to get in industry or community college. I major in high energy theory, and I have no coding/simulation skills at all (not interested at all). Thus, my situation is that professionally I have...
  14. W

    Iron and steel industry flows: A question

    Hello, I have a general question for the flows of steel-making up to the casting process. Is the general flow depicted by the image correct? This specific process relies on natural gas reforming to produce H2, which is then used to reduce iron ore. Are there any corrections that I have to make?
  15. AJSayad

    Finding Your Path to the Aerospace Engineering Industry

    Summary:: What is the best way to get into the Aerospace Engineering Industry? Hi everyone, I'm new to the physics forums. My name is Andrew, I'm going to be in my undergrad Senior year in mechanical engineering this coming fall. I've recently been looking into PhD programs and I've been...
  16. N

    Physics Physics Degrees and Semiconductor Industry (IC Design?)

    Hello there, im a physics student from Germany and currently in my second semester of a Bachelor of science. Lately i have become increasingly interested in woking in the Semiconductor Industry and I am currently reading the book "But how do it Know" by J. Clark Scott and i think it is really...
  17. J

    Hydrogen in the Aviation Industry -- Survey

    Hello Everyone- I'm completing my Master's Degree in Commercial Aviation. I'm conducting a capstone research project about the potential of an industry shift to hydrogen, and have created a quick survey. If you have additional insight in addition to the survey, please respond in the comments...
  18. M

    Increase efficiency in the cargo ship industry without a propellor

    Not sure if this is the right subforum to place this question? I stumbled on this idea, to make the cargo ship industry more efficient. The propellor of a cargo ship (<100m long) is relative inefficient, around 80% ( i know, this is pretty efficient for an boat propellor), and the harder the...
  19. C

    Job Skills APS: Success in Industry Careers Webinar Series

    The American Physical Society (APS) has just launched a webinar series addressing careers for physicists in industry (broadly includes national labs). [ETA: Correction: National labs are covered under a separate series also listed on the following link.] Details of the series can be found...
  20. G

    Physics Industry job prospects for a condensed matter computational physicist

    I'm working on a PhD in condensed matter computational physics, particularly with method development. My plan is to go into industry afterwards, and out of curiosity I've been looking at job listings. It doesn't look good to be honest. Listings for physicists mainly require some type of lab...
  21. chandrahas

    Physics What can I do to make my physics BS more appealing in industry?

    I am currently a international freshman studying in Stony Brook and majoring in Physics and, if appropriate and after official request, Mathematics. I feel very passionate about theoretical physics and intend to get a phd in it and get into academia soon after graduation. I believe double...
  22. J

    Job Skills Miltary to Space Industry Career Advice Needed

    Everyone, this post is going on multiple forums/subreddits so I can get diverse feedback. Pardon the spam if you see it elsewhere: I am retiring from the military in three years from a non-technical specialty. I have a bachelors in management. I will be 45 when I depart. I will have a security...
  23. S

    Physics Article from Physics World on a pathway to industry

    Hi everyone. I found the following article from Physics World on the pathway to industry. https://physicsworld.com/a/your-pathway-to-industry/ I was curious about what you think about the article, and if there is anything any of you would like to add in regards to career paths for physics...
  24. M

    Chemical Industry Data: Sources for Production & Prices

    I am curious about production amounts and prices for an annual period, for a few thousand commodity or common chemicals. I noticed a couple chemical intelligence services but they seem out of the price range for an amateur researcher. What kinds of sources are available to look further?
  25. Fernando Valadares

    Job Skills How to get into the semiconductor industry

    Hi friends, I'm a brazilian Electronics Engineering undergrad student, going to graduate in 3 semesters. I'm also in the first semester of my Masters in Atomic and Molecular Physics, focused on ab initio simulation of semiconductor crystals (VASP). My main interest is to work in industry in...
  26. gonadas91

    Physics Is Lack of Publications a Barrier for Landing a Post-Doc or Industry Job?

    Hi all, it is me again and I am sorry for what I am going to tell, but I am just a bit discouraged and lost and felt the urge to look for support somewhere in the community, so I do accept any kind of criticism that might help me to get out from this situation.I submitted my PhD thesis in...
  27. prashantakerkar

    Isotope applications in Agriculture industry

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotope Can Isotopes be useful to Agriculture industry viz Fertilizers & Instecticides manufacturing? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  28. N

    Programs Undergraduate Minors that are helpful for petroleum industry careers

    I am currently a Sophomore, studying chemical engineering at Drexel University. After college, I want to pursue a career in the downstream petroleum industry. However, I am unsure of what minor would help me get closer to reaching my goal. I have heard business and mathematics minors are great...
  29. S

    Programs (Space) Industry - Different Paths Towards It

    Hello! I am a returning student, 19YO, and will be starting back in community college in a month retaking classes I failed the first go-around with college. This is hopefully less of a "tell me what to do" thread, and more of a "clarify my misconceptions." Basically, I am very interested in a...
  30. T

    Job Skills Job Market for different EE fields

    Hey guys, Iam new to Physics Forums. Iam doing my Masters with Major in Electrical Engineering. My core is Digital Signal Processing as of now and my GPA is somewhat good for atleast entering PhD program. I do have ideas for a PhD but I do have some financial commitments. So, I postponed this...
  31. itsarah55

    Other Industry Jobs for a Planetary Scientist

    I am recent undergraduate with a B.S in Astrophysics. I was looking at getting a PhD in planetary science, but curious what type of industry jobs are available. I'm not interested in working in academia.
  32. J

    Physics Out in the Real World, nobody seems to care

    I recently graduated with a physics Ph.D., and I am in the process of applying for an academic job. My advisors told me that it would be easy for me to get that job, but the job application process is quite bureaucratic, and it will take several months for it to complete. I am trying to get a...
  33. ISamson

    News If I invest in AI companies, will I become rich?

    I have been reading a fool.com report on the AI financial BOOM: After clicking on the "No, I want to learn more." link on the bottom of the tease article and after entering your email, it will give you a video to watch on the topic and some more information by email. Do not hesitate to click...
  34. Baris Kalfa

    Physics Over what field I'm going to choose

    Hello dear members, I couldn't figure out whether I should post this in the academic guidance or career guidance section, yet the latter sounded more convenient for my situation. I have also seen many similar threads but I believe everybody has different thoughts& aspirations as we all know...
  35. Connor

    Programs Which degree is better for the semiconductor industry?

    I've been doing some research lately and was wondering what degree is good for the semiconductor industry? Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Material Science?
  36. davidbenari

    Engineering Future of the solid state electronics industry

    I'm finishing my degree in Engineering Physics (really just physics). Without a doubt my favorite area of physics is solid state physics. While I love computational and theoretical work, I don't think making a career out of it is as easy as it is in the experimental or engineering side of it. So...
  37. wolram

    Efforts to revive coal industry unlikely to work

    https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/10/171027085523.htmCurrent federal efforts to revive the coal industry will likely do more harm than good to fragile Appalachian communities transitioning from coal as a major source of employment, according to a new study. What do you think...
  38. bohm2

    How the sugar industry shifted blame to fat

  39. Evanish

    How Can We Improve E-Waste Recycling for Smartphones?

    I was reading an article about smart phones. Here is a quote from it.. "If you are wondering what chemistry has to do with smartphones, just look at the periodic table. Of the 83 stable (nonradioactive) elements, at least 70 of them can be found in smartphones! That’s 84% of all of the...
  40. G

    PhD after being in industry (EE)

    Dear members, I am an analog designer and I don't get to do a lot of interesting design work at my job. There is a PhD opportunity that came my way which offers really interesting work (will be in a top tier uni and will be working on project for a world famous research institute). However, I...
  41. T

    Freezing and thawing food industry items -- how to do it the fastest....

    Hi, I need to find out about the length of time it takes to change from one state of matter to another. This is a food industry problem. For example, how long does it take to freeze a leg of lamb? Does the time it takes depend and anything in particular? Going the other way we can speed up...
  42. M

    Importance of Data in the Energy Industry

    Good day to all! I'm not a bot or spam either. I just want to inquire about an energy cost saving system. Electric demand charges mostly in business. That's why cutting down our usage costs is a priority. Any idea about a solution that will help us keep an eye on our utility bill, processing and...
  43. M

    Mass Flow Rate of Flue Gas in Sugar Industry

    Hello, I want to find the mass flow rate of flue gas, i have only the diameter of pipe and ID fan speed which are 1.48Meter and 980 RPM respectively
  44. Y

    Job Skills Careers in the Space Industry that aren't Aero/Mech

    Are there STEM related careers in the space industry which are different from Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering? If so, what are they?
  45. S

    Engineering Security Clearance in Aero/Mech Industry: Criminal Background & No Conviction

    I have a bachelor's in aerospace engineering, and currently doing my masters in mechanical&aerospace. I would like to work in the aerospace industry upon graduation. I am interested in companies such as Space X, Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed, NASA, etc... and I presume most of these would require...
  46. P

    PhD research to industry question

    Hello everyone, I am looking for advice from those who have experience with PhD going into industry. I am currently in the process of deciding on an aerospace engineering program. I have been accepted into a known university and also "accepted" into another lesser known school, I put accepted...
  47. Seth Newman

    Will the clean energy industry be any different than oil?

    I was reading an article today about how Shell is discussing the move towards "cleaner" energy. This got me thinking. Eventually, most companies will be forced to move towards renewables as public opinion and natural resources become stacked against them. Many large oil and coal conglomerates...
  48. henry wang

    Other How active is the field of Optics in physics and industry?

    I am a second year Physics student, and I have a summer research opportunity on Optics (for which the topic is uncertain). The topic will probably be related to Imaging in biological systems, Analogue computation using light and, Light scattering in correlated systems, as they are the topic of...