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Data Needed for Impinging Jet Research

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    I am looking for some good reliable data of radial and axial velocities of an impinging jet on a perpendicular plate for Reynolds number of between 10,000 and 60,000. I am about to conduct my own experiment using an LDA to measure velocities but am looking for some good data to compare both sets of velocity measurements to.

    If anyone has any good journals or articles they can suggest it would be appreciated.


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    The underexpanded impinging jet has been studied in great detail as has the subsonic case. Places to look include AIAA, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Experiments in Fluids, Physics of Fluids and various acoustic journals.
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    this Article content that they are given the needs you
    title:"Turbulent flow in the near field of a round impinging jet"
    journal: International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
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