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David C. Lay's textbook, need info

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    Does the David C. Lay’s Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 3E textbook is a REVISED edition of the 2nd, or, only a FEW CHANGES from a 2nd edition? Any info would be highly appreciated.
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    Making only one thread per question would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well, a friend of mine has a different version than I do (mine being the 3rd edition), and it's virtually identical. His looks a bit older and says something about the "International" version or something like that. Seeing as there weren't many differences between his international book and my brand new 3rd edition, I don't imagine there'd be a huge difference between the 2nd and 3rd.

    I know that isn't a huge help, but maybe it can help a little.
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    Thanks Asclepius
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    Like Asclepius said, I too have a friend with an international book for Lin. Alg. and its an older edition. It says something on the cover like its illegal in some countries and the U.S. is one of them, lol. It has an orangish-red cover and yeah, I dont think there's any noticable difference between the 3rd edition and the other one.
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