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Decay process scheme of 57-Cobalt

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    Hello everyone,
    i need complete information on the decay process scheme of 57-Cobalt including the transition of energy in each level with probability (especially the transition from 136 to ground state of 57-Fe--i need to know all the complete process with probability)...After referring to some papers with different terminology..i am completely confused..
    thanks for your reply.
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    Re: cobalt_decay

    Hi Rajini-
    The second URL astronuc referred you to is especially useful, because it shows the relationship of all the emitted gammas. Of special importance in the lower right corner is the 14.4 KeV excited state of Fe-57 with a 98 ns lifetime. The natural linewidth of this gamma is extremely narrow (calculate δE δt), and decays to the ground state of Fe-57. It has played a very imporant role in demonstrating the Mossbauer Effect, and in carrying out certain experiments in general relativity.
    Bob S
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    Re: cobalt_decay

    extremely helpful..That is what i was searching for..
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    Re: cobalt_decay

    Hello again..
    what is logft???
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    Re: cobalt_decay

    I love this resource. :!!) And nndc too...

    Time ago I used them to count the number of known beta-decays for each atomic number. I was surprised to notice that it has more or less the same shape that fission yields, and I was left wondering if it was cause or effect: either the uranium was to decay following this shape because of the huge availability of levels, or we humans know more levels in the areas where uranium decays, just because of experimental availability.
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    Re: cobalt_decay

    Hi a few cents..
    This site is more informative..with all gamma and internal conversion probabilities..
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