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Defining Axes in Matlab plotting

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    Dear Fellows,

    I am plotting in matlab, and defined and axis along horizontal in such a way
    plot (x, u,'re--' )
    but I need to define the limitation of u along vertical axis,,,,

    can any one suggest me the exact for range -5 to +1

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    well, you need to define u first, have you done that? I told you how to explicitly define the axes themselves in the other other thread where you asked this question, but if you're just looking at defining the ranges you can use the axis command:

    axis([xmin xmax ymin ymax])

    if you don't want to change the x limits, it's:

    axis([xlim ymin ymax])
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    I have define the function u,
    axis([xlim 0 100])
    plot (x, u,'re--' )
    does not give any limitation of y axis,,,, all values are same as the one got without axis([xlim 0 100])
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