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Plotting is a tile-matching puzzle video game published by Taito in 1989. It is called Flipull (フリップル, Furippuru) in Japan as well as in versions for the Famicom and Game Boy, and Plotting in versions for the Atari ST, Amiga, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, GX4000 and ZX Spectrum. All are based on an arcade game which is known as Flipull (フリップル, Furippuru) in Japan and Plotting elsewhere. The game bears strong graphical and some gameplay similarities to Puzznic.

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  1. L

    Plotting the approximation of the Dirac delta function

    Hi, I am not sure if I have solved the following task correctly I did the plotting in mathematica and got the following Would the plots be correct? What is meant by check for normalization, is the following meant? For the approximation for ##\epsilon > 0##, does it mean that for the...
  2. C

    Plotting points in three-dimensional space

    For this problem, , The four points are, ##P(8,2,6)## ##R(-2,16,-2)## ##Q(3.9,2)## ##S(\frac{14}{3}, \frac{20}{3}, \frac{10}{3})## And the solution is, However, does someone please know what in the proportion 2:1:3 mean? Many thanks!
  3. codebpr

    A Finding a suitable form factor for a given set of conditions

    This is basically a physics problem but I will try my best to highlight the mathematics behind it. Suppose I have two functions: $$T(z,B)=\frac{\text{z}^3 e^{-3 A(\text{z})-B^2 \text{z}^2}}{4 \pi \int_0^{\text{z}} \xi ^3 e^{-3 A(\xi )-B^2 \xi ^2} \, d\xi },$$ $$\phi(z,B)=\int_0^z...
  4. A

    MCNP FMESH for Plotting power distribution

    Hello I'm trying to use FMESH command to get power distribution of this core geometry. I want to use xyz coordinate in a 1/12 slice of a core so I could use the output of the MCNP sim for a CFD input How should I approach this? Thank you
  5. DaveC426913

    Plotting My Air Flight Path from Photos

    I expected this to be challenging but it's turning out to be much harder than I expected. I just flew back from Cuba to Toronto, got in at 315AM. It was a beautiful, clear and I had the window seat, so I took a bunch of pics. Now I'm plotting the flight path by analyzing the photos. It's super...
  6. Rezex124

    Experiment - how temperature changes along a tube, using heaters

    TL;DR Summary: Help needed with plotting heat maps, using data we gathered in an experiment. Hello, so I'm having problems with analysing data, which we gathered from an experiment we did in class. This is meant as a type of non-guided experiments class, where we are just given an initial...
  7. MarkTheQuark

    Mathematica Plotting a parameter Plane of a spring pendulum in Mathematica

    I'm reading an article about the order-chaos-order sequence of a spring pendulum [Ref 1], as I'm reading it I'm trying to reproduce the graphs and results through Mathematica. However, I am new to this software. I will list below some of the most important equations mentioned in the paper. "In...
  8. SpectraPhy09

    Plotting the graph of Friction Force vs. time (Laws of motion)

    F.B.D Of first block (I have shown only the horizontal Forces) f1(max) = μ (1kg)(g) = 0.5 * 10 = 5N F.B.D Of the second Block f2(max) = μ (3kg)(g) = 15N Now the string will become taut and the tension will start acting when f = t = 5N But for 0<f<5N there will be no motion between the 1 kg...
  9. e2m2a

    Python Plotting Domain Dependent Functions

    Is it possible for Python matplotlib to plot in one graph a domain dependent function? For example, suppose there is a function where y=x from 0< x <=5, y = x sq when 5<x<=7 and y=2x+9 when x>7. Is it possible in Python to plot this with one plot on one graph? If so, how would it be done?
  10. e2m2a

    How can velocity be plotted in Vpython?

    Can someone tell me how to plot/graph velocity in vpython? All the documentation I see just deals with plotting the position of the object, nothing on plotting the velocity.
  11. Tone L

    Engineering Plotting a Guassian FWHM = 1 ns

    Simply plugging this into software like MATLAB will present a solid guassian distrubution. However, my doubt comes from selecting the correct sigma. t = - 10 ns to + 10 ns ##\sigma## = 0.1 ns This produces a plot like so,
  12. I

    How can I plot the function g(x) = sin(πn/L) x and its corresponding g²(x)?

    Summary:: We are currently studying basics of quantum mechanics. I'm getting the theory part but it's hard to visualise everything and understand. We are given this question to plot the function so if someone could help me in this. Plot the following function and the corresponding g²(x) g(x)...
  13. K

    I What Software Is Used for Creating Plots in Academic Papers?

    Usually in papers there are many plots, and sometimes I do not understand how they plot them, with which kind of software or program they are plotted. I just attached three of the plots, I would be very thankful if you guide me, any of them is plotted with using which method, software or...
  14. I

    Help Plotting Phase Difference using LTSpice please

    How do i plot phase difference in a Ltspice in this circuit ?
  15. A

    I How do I properly plot the solar spectrum and handle the flux of Arcturus?

    I'm trying to plot the solar spectrum (Wavelength versus Flux) from a table of values I'm given. I'm given 3 columns; Solar Flux Arcturus Flux Wavelength Plotting Solar Flux versus Wavelength gives me a graph (below) that is very difficult to resolve. There are 21,000 data points as well. If...
  16. R

    MATLAB Plotting Reaction Rate vs Temperature with MATLAB

    I know how to get fusion cross section plots from the exfor website but now I need to plot the reaction rate as a function of temperature. According to the image, I have sigma and E values as x and y data. How do I integrate using MATLAB .
  17. DaveC426913

    B Plotting the Solar System's planets' distances logarithmically

    I'm designing a growth chart for my granddaughter with the planets on it. I wanted them to be proportional* as far as distance goes - with the sun at the floor and Pluto at, say, six feet, but obviously that's impossible since all the inner planets would be in the first inch or two from the...
  18. wizzy

    Plotting points evenly around an origin

    Say I have phi starting at 0 and ending at 360 degrees. Theta starts at 0 and ends at 360, and I input 10 points for phi and theta. I am trying to 3d plot phi * theta number of points around a center point. I can plot a coordinate around a sphere using the following, which I think is correct...
  19. S

    Mathematica Plotting 2 functions & economizing on calc of intermediate result

    I am trying to plot two functions a(t) and b(t) that both use a common intermediate result K. In my actual code K would be a slow-ish calculation. To reuse the K across a and b, I am putting them into a single module that provides an array {a, b} to the Plot[] function. (BTW, the Evaluate[] is...
  20. brotherbobby

    Which points on the plane satisfy the given equation?

    Given the equation : ##|y| x = x##. Two conditions are possible : (1) ##\underline{y\geq 0}## : ##xy = x\Rightarrow \boxed{y = 1}\; (x \neq 0)##. We note that except for zero, ##-\infty<x<+\infty## for this case. (2) ##\underline{y < 0}## : ##-xy = x\Rightarrow \boxed{y = -1}\; (x \neq 0)##...
  21. J

    Python Plotting y=x^2 with Matplotlib

    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt R = 2 for x in range(0,50): y = x**R # plt.plot(x,y,marker = 'o') plt.plot(x,y,'--') plt.xlabel('X-axis') plt.ylabel('Y-axis') plt.title('plot test') plt.legend() plt.show()
  22. F

    I Plotting polar equations and scale invariance

    Hello, In the plane, using Cartesian coordinates ##x## and ##y##, an equation (or a function) is a relationship between the ##x## and ##y## variables expressed as ##y=f(x)##. The variable ##y## is usually the dependent variable while ##x## is the independent variable. The polar coordinates...
  23. cjedow

    Magnitude of an Impulse and Plotting it? (What am I doing?)

    I wrote: J = m(2/3)v0 - mv0 for part a but I'm not sure if that's correct or if I need something else? I have no idea how to do part b. I wrote F * t = m(2/3)v0 - v0 but I honestly don't know what I'm doing.
  24. A

    Doubt in plotting graph between small and large values

    how to plot these points in the same graph and find the foward biasand reverse bias dynamic resistance for the SILICONE DIODE IN4001 FORWARD BIAS REVERSE BIAS
  25. AN630078

    Plotting a Scatter Diagram from a Large Data Set

    So I have attempted to plot the scatter diagram. My first query is does the question intend for you to include both subsets of data on one axis, (which I have plotted on the x-axis) or rather does it demand two separate diagrams to investigate if there is any correlation, or a single diagram? I...
  26. M

    MATLAB Plotting a 3D image from a matrix for a complex domain

    Hi PF! Each element of an ##n\times m## matrix is complex valued. In the following code, I call this "domain". There is also an ##n\times m## matrix that is real valued, below I call this "f". I'd like to plot a 3D image where the ##x-y## plane is the complex plain given by the coordinates...
  27. brainpushups

    Data Plotting Software for HS Students

    I'm designing a course for 9th grade students that focuses on experimental methods in science. One topic that will come at the beginning of the course will be how to display experimental data graphically, including estimates of experimental error. I'm looking for some advice about what...
  28. P

    Plotting a Bessel Function for Diffraction (Fraunhofer)

    From my understanding of diffraction pattern is supposed to result in something like this However when I plot it I get the central peak without the ripples (even when broadening the view). My result My code is as follows %1) Define the grid. Define vectors so that they include 0...
  29. G

    Plotting experimental results on resonant frequencies

    These are the questions that I can't figure out how to do. I have been assigned a lab report based on resonating frequencies on a string and am having trouble completing some of the questions in the report. This is what i currently have from the previous steps required. A bit of info...
  30. Luke Tan

    Mathematica Mathematica Graph Plotting for Scientific Papers

    Hey guys, so recently I've been trying to use mathematica to plot graphs for my scientific papers, and I've been starting to wonder - what plot options do you guys use? How do you plot your graphs in mathematica such that they look presentable in a scientific paper?
  31. patric44

    Plotting the solution of the central equation using python

    hi guys i was trying to came up with a basic code that could show me the band gaps in a solid after adding the periodic potential term to my solution : $$ E = \frac{ħ^2q^2}{2m} \pm Vg $$ where Vg is my periodic potential , q is the k values in the first billion zone from my understanding if i...
  32. TopologyisGeometry

    Plotting the radial wave function of Deuteron in a finite well

    To plot ##u(r)## we need to find the solutions for each region. Which is in the relevant equations part. Now, I have to do this numerically. Using python 3.7 I made an ##u## which is filled with zeros and a for loop with if/elseif statement, basically telling it to plot values for whenever...
  33. P

    Plotting the Poynting vector of a radiating electric dipole [matlab]

    I've attached a .txt file of my script for those who want to take a look at it Here's a picture of my vector field at time t = 0 I'm very concerned about this picture because from my understanding the Poynting vector is supposed to point outwards and not loop back around, this looks nothing...
  34. FireAP

    B Plotting the Space-Time Continuum: Is it Possible?

    How would one plot the space-time continuum graphically(if it were possible,obviously)?
  35. N

    Python, scipy.integrate.solve_ive, a problem with plotting a graph

    Hi, I have this code that solve the equation of motion of a relativistic electron. from math import sqrt from scipy.integrate import odeint, solve_ivp import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt e = 1.602 * 10 ** (-19) E = 10 ** 6 m = 9.106 * 10 ** (-31) def d2vdt2(t,r): t_arr = []...
  36. S

    Mathematica Plotting an array of functions in different colors

    If we plot a list of functions in a literal array, they get plotted automatically in different colors, for example: Plot [{x,x*x,-x},{x,0,10}] But if we get the list of functions from another user-defined function, they get plotted in a single color: fnY[x_]:={x, x*x, -x} ... OR ...
  37. Arman777

    Comp Sci Low Pass Filter, plotting a graph

    I wrote this code, but I am not sure its ture or not from numpy import arange from math import floor from pylab import plot, show Vout = 0 #inital condition t_i = 0 #initial time t_f = 10 #final time N = 100000 h = (t_f - t_i) / N RC_values = [0.01, 0.1, 1] def f(Vout, t): if floor(2 *...
  38. M

    Mathematica Plotting k^2 in Mathematica - Output Not 1?

    Can anyone confirm if the following in Mathematica gives an output that is not 1? I'm getting some sort of sinusoid, but I should get 1. k = 2; Plot[k^2 JacobiSN[t, k]^2 + JacobiDN[t, k]^2, {t, 0, 10}] Thanks!
  39. K

    Plotting a rotating ellipse trajectory (the Moon orbiting the Earth in 2D)

    I'm tasked with drawing the trajectory of the Moon around the Earth (in 2D), taking into account the fact that the trajectory also undergoes precession, so the elliptical orbit rotates about it's center (I think it should rotate around the Earth-Moon barycenter, but for the first step I...
  40. A

    MATLAB Plotting standard deviation in Matlab

    I have a data set 1st coloumn containing ##x## values 2nd coloumn containing ##y## values and 3rd coloumn containing standard deviation of ##y## associated with each ##x## value...I want to plot these 3 values together in a MATLAB plot...can anyone please help me in this regard??
  41. Avatrin

    Python Plotting a 2d trajectory with Matplotlib

    Hi I have a 2d trajectory of a center of mass which I have saved in an array such that r=[[x(t_1),y(t_1)],[x(t_2),y(t_2)],...,[x(t_n),y(t_n)]] where x is x coordinate of the position and y is the y-coordinate of the position. I have tried this: xx = [t[0] for t in r] xy = [t[1] for t in r]...
  42. Robin04

    Mathematica Plotting the solution of an ODE

    I'm trying to plot the solution to an ODE (with given initial values) but there are some constants in it that I want to evaluate with sliders and I'm not sure what is the right syntax for this. Manipulate[Plot[solution1[t], {t, 0, 10}, PlotRange -> {-Pi, Pi}], {{a, 1, "Driving amplitude"}, 0...
  43. V

    Matlab Plotting Points and a Cubic Polynomial that passes through them

    Homework Statement We were given a tutorial to complete which I did complete. Now the question is: By modifying the appropriate lines in your script file, find the values of a, b, c, and d so that the cubic polynomial  y = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d  passes through the (x, y) pairs (-1, 3), (0, 8)...
  44. Z

    Trouble solving an ODE and plotting its phase portrait

    Mentor note: Moved from non-homework forum to here hence no template. So I was able to solve part 1.A of the first problem by hand, the phase portrait is a sideways parabola. However, I want to also show on this on mathematica. I want to solve the equation first and then plot the phase...
  45. R

    A Plotting a Bragg Curve in SRIM

    I'd like to plot a Bragg curve for an alpha particle in air. I'd like to make one plot for 239Pu (5.156 MeV alpha) and one plot for 238U (4.267 MeV). Does anyone know how I can do this? I would like a basic plot of stopping power (MeV/cm) vs path length (cm). Thank you
  46. srbheese

    I Where do I get raw data for plotting Bragg curve?

    Hi people, I am looking for a database where I can get raw data to plot the Bragg's curve for alpha particles energy loss vs range in Silicon, Germanium and CZT. Your help will be much appreciated. Cheers, Shri
  47. M

    Mathematica Plotting Multiple values on different domains

    Hi PF! I have a list of numbers, and I'm trying to plot each constant value on a 1-unit long interval. What I'm trying is this a = Table[i, {i, 2, 8}]; For[i = 1, i < 5, i++, Plot[a[[i]], {x, i - 1, i}] // Print] but that generates plots that are not on the same axes. Any help?
  48. M

    Mathematica Plotting 0.3 on ListPlot with Variable Domain

    Hi PF! I type the following into Mathematica: domain = -10; ListPlot[{0.3}, PlotMarkers -> {{"\[LongDash]", Large}}, PlotRange -> {{0, 5.5}, {-10, 200}}] And notice we see the plot 0.3. But, now let domain = 0. Notice now we can't see 0.3. Does anyone know how to fix this?