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Definition and difference between genotype, phenotype and alleles.

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    main definition and difference between genotype, phenotype and alleles.
    plz anyone can answer it clearly......
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    Welcome to Physics Forums Prasad Nemade! The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genotype" [Broken] is a little trickier to describe, it is the collection of observable traits an organism has. To give an example, my genotype may contain a gene that reads "AACGTCGTAATGCATG....." (note this is a made up sequence for the purposes of explanation" and this may lead to a phenotypic trait of blue eyes.

    An http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allele" [Broken] is one form of a particular gene. For example; gene A may come in 3 forms, A1 A2 and A3. Each of these are alleles of gene A.
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    To use an ice cream analogy think about it like a tall ice cream freezer. Different spots on the shelf have different boxes of ice cream there. The "location" of a box is like the gene, while the type of ice cream there is the allele.

    The genotype of this fridge would be the specific collection of all that freezer's genes. While the phenotype you can kind of think about in the abstract as how the "freezer" looks with those genes. The manifestation of the different "flavors" of ice cream coming together to make the "look" (and taste!) of the freezer.

    As a side note, if this is for school work (as in a homework question) it should be posted in the HW section.
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