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Definition questions for linear algebra

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    i am having trouble understanding some of the "basic" concepts of my linear algebra...any help would be greatly appreciated

    what is an orthogonal basis? and how to construct it? i keep stumbling upon questions asking about construction a orthogonal basis for {v1, v2} in W

    what i null A? need to understand the concept fro proofs

    what is Col A? also need to understand for proofs

    what exactly is a projection? i know the formula for it and i know how to apply it yet i dont understand the concept of what it is or how to picture it

    thank you
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    Best advice ever: get yourself a good linear algebra book...:)

    Ort. basis: read about Gram-Schmidt process and def. of orth. basis

    Null A = most probably it means the null (sub)space of a matrix (or linear transformation) A, and it is the set of all vectors that A maps to the zero vector

    Col A = probably it means the space spanned by the columns of an n x m matrix in the vector space [itex]\mathbb F^n[/itex]

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    thank you so much this is great help!

    btw do u happen to have any recommendations for a good linear algebra book to buy?
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