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Degree in Progress, What the heck to do after?

  1. Nov 7, 2011 #1
    Right now I am a junior physics major. I am a little worried what I am doing after graduation. Right now my plan is to go to graduate school, but I don't know if my grades are good enough (GPA is a little over 3.0, with physics gpa being around 3.1). The main concern is that my B.S in physics will be quite worthless if I don't go to graduate school. Would I be better getting an applied math or applied physics degree instead? My school does not have an engineering program, and I enjoy physics more anyway.

    Although I am an great communicator, hard worker, and friendly individual (I usually do great in interviews). It is hard imagining paying off this debt even when I am working so hard towards this degree.
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    Have this talk with your professors. Get them to help you make contacts with alumni from your school to get advice from the "working world" about an optimum career path. The alumni may be able to point you to opportunities for work, interships, etc.
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