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Delayed Choice Experiment - A thought.

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    I know the Delayed Choice Experiment has been beaten to death in the forum. But I was wondering if anyone can answer this question.

    Would the results of the DCE seems so odd if we accept that light is really a spread out wave. That is assuming that the particle nature light is really just one incidence of a spread out wave.

    It seems to me that if you insist that light is wavy, the DCE is exactly what you would expect.

    In any case, even if light has particle/wave duality, the DCE is another example of "ask a wave question and you get a wave answer, ask a particle question and you get a particle answer". In the case of the DCE it seems we are asking light if it is made up of waves.

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    OK, but how does a wave viewpoint change the result: that the answer to the question arrived before we asked it? (...and this is not a signal from the future of course.)
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    I take it you mean if wave-particle duality is the "real" phenomenon? I don't its a matter of knowing which question would be ask. I think its a matter of there being two answers, and we just sort get what we ask for.

    But I really would like to know if you think the first idea is valid. That is, if we restrict light as constituting only of a spread out wave (like Schrodinger and De broglie believed), do the results of the DCE fit the Classical Newtonian model of physics- and begins to make intuitive sense?
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