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Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser and other oddities + their meaning

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    Can someone list the different interpretations of QM and how they differ in their predictions on the nature of reality, and what wave function collapse really is?

    I keep flip flopping between thinking the weirdness in QM is just our human minds not comprehending reality correctly and thinking the world is a virtual reality and there's no other explanation. I get a good grasp on wave-particle duality, and then I figure in one more aspect and poof all comprehension goes out the window. So in rescuing my poor mind, please put the different interpretations into context. Is their a "logical explanation" for these almost paranormal experimental outcomes for the likes of the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser? And what are the different crazy(but inherently more interesting) explanations?
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    it's just a "filtering" trick.

    the interference pattern is "hidden/embedded" in the non-interference pattern

    no paranormal stuff.....sorry if that takes out a lot of the mystery
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