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Density of H20 @ 150 C & 600 psi

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    Can anyone please show me how to look up Density of H20 @ 150 C & 600 psi pressure (Co2)....

    I found a water table which shows 916.69 kg/m^3 but it does not show anything @ pressure. Isnt density related to both pressure & temp.?

    What would be the difference in density if No gas was there and is gas was there?
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    Unless you need some very accurate data you may safely assume water is incompressible. If my tables don't fail me and I read them correctly, at 150 deg C pressure of water vapor is around 5 atm.

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    This question really belongs in the mechancial engineering section.

    You need a set of steam tables as the substance you are referring to is water at 600psi and 150 degC is a two phase system of water and dry steam.

    I'm sorry I don't have these values covered in my available tables tonight.

    Why the mixed units metric and imperial by the way?
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    No. Have you read my post? I have specifically addressed this problem - not directly, but precisely enough.

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