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Depletion zone and current in forward-biased PN junction

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    I've learned that in PN junction, forward-biasing pushes holes in P-type and electrons in N-type forward junctions so depletion width is reduced. Is it due to that in N-type (P-type), pushed electrons (holes) are recombined with holes (electrons) in depletion zone?

    And what is true identity of current in forward-bias? In this biasing, I guess there are two kinds of current; charge carrier diffusion due to carrier concentration imbalance at the junction (diffusion current) and drifted carrier pushed by external field in biasing (drift current). Is forward-biasing current consisted of both types of current or one of them?
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    Do not post the same question twice!
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    I'm sorry but I didn't know how to remove my uploaded post. So I had no choice but upload the question to other more relevant forum.

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