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Describing The Evolutionary Existential Steps of Discrimination

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    The text that follows are my personal philosophical opinions to be understood how ever the reader shall ever desire.

    Describing The Evolutionary Existential Steps of Discrimination

    The self (individuals), the self and others (groups), self planetary/scientific (discrimination against "scientists" of the home planet), extra-terrestrial (discrimination against extra-terrestrials, any intelligent or other life form from a planet other than what the inhabitants believe to be their origin), galactic, "uni-versal"/eternal (lack of discrimination).

    Discrimination began in and still largely exists in primitive states of mind such as religious, tribal and color discriminations, "stuff" discrimination, nationality, countries, and so on. Is now graduating into a strictly intellectual discrimination because of Human narcissism, and eventually to a Human to Human discrimination simply because the programmed act of discrimination has not left us yet (although this is change able, this is only the currently perceived path). Perhaps then it is solar system discrimination, as we are beginning to see the hatred of aliens, and the demonization of extra-terrestrials (again, our choice). The limit of discrimination is drawn at galactic. It is at this state that we recognize that we are spirits after transcending all other labels and discriminatory reasons (reasons for discrimination), we recognize that we are all merely vessels for the consciousness of the immeasurable presence, the eternal, or one could even say God... without the Humantic religious dogmatic attatchments. As spirits there is no discrimination, for we are all of the same and as the same, experience the same differently and are uniquely the same, as the same is always different and that is how it is always the same. We learn to accept differences. We learn to not expect, we learn to become what we are and act as it is... the "uni-verse", "God", eternity.

    Because of this it is obvious that we never let the religious control technology, they will use it for their own delusionally self fulfilling prophecies in an attempt to avenge their own hatred and discrimination from primitivity under the veil of their Gods and the commands of those Gods. Live forever, love forever, do not planetarily and specially perish to mediocrity and the stupidity of the proselytic religious zealots.

    Thank you for your time or what ever you be hold as the reason for your consciousness. Your opinions and responses, if any, are appreciated.
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    Post-cachinnation, I beatifically "ac-knowledge" the boisterous merriment actualized by arrestingly preposterous communiques.

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    Math Is Hard

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    Fair enough. I suppose these are all reasons you might develop a bias against others.

    Who/where are these aliens you describe and who are the people getting so upset about them?
    Why stop there? What if we observe that most Andromedans are particularly rude and nasty? Or that they find us delicious?:eek:
    There is no guarantee that at any point we will ever come to view ourselves that way, and given human history and its competitiveness, it doesn't seem likely that encounters with other intelligent beings would prompt us "to all hold hands and sing".
    I can see how you might be starting to support this argument with your first statement, but you seem to have lost your way in the middle. You don't seem to have well-defined links from "religious people discriminate" to "we will change our views as we interact intergalactically" to "religious people should not control technology". Maybe you could pare this down a bit and restructure.
    Cheers, and sorry if I misunderstand your points.
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