Design of assembly line for two (particle) robots

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Hello everyone, how its going.

Lately I have got a project to do for Assembly Of Parts with two robots. Firstly I have been thinking about some tutorials on network but haven't found much. I know bigger companies, that for sure have robots in their industries, might have details about their assembly lines on the sites but nothing useful so far. I was thinking what I have to refer to so I would be able to draw (it can be a sketch only but of course technical correctly made) the correct assembly line. So far I came to this picture: [Broken]
I belive this is OK. Here you can see two robots, dimensions (..., how far can the arms go: 1378mm, 1717mm,...) are given. Between those two robots I try to design (draw) the assembly line for them.
Besides this picture, I also have the following subject: [Broken]
Here confuses me, I belive the most important data, how assembly line is placed. As it says it matters of horizontal (assembly line) and vertical (electric power) movement. But how could I refer to this while making a sketch so I can draw it depending ON this kind of movements (placements of assembly line)?

I know I need to make a list of elements that compile (all together) assembly line and revision of equipment for it too but this comes after the whole sketch is done.

Does anyone have any ideas about this, where to begin or some good tutorials?

Thank you in advance.
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Hi. Ok I have finally found some useful online subjects on google that helps with creating this project. I drew a presketch (without dimensions yet) that explains me better so I will draw the sketch easier. Presketch is [Broken]
Should be the arms of both robots longer - I personally wouldn't draw them longer since its obvious that one of the next robot's movement will be to put (or to remove) the article on the assembly line.
Also do I have to create any legs of the line or is it OK?
Besides dimensions, I still have to add numbers of parts so i can do the Part List.
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