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Designing Reinforcement for a continuous cantilever beam

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    Ive got a beam that I cant seem to calculate the loading of. Lets say beam ABC supports are at A & B, BC is a cantilever. There is no wall on AB, but there is a wall on BC. Now I have tried breaking it up into separate parts, but does not look right. I was taught the method of triangles and trapezoids, depends on what side (long or short) of the beam you are working on.

    Any one with advice or maybe a reference for me?

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    First question. What prevents rotation about B?

    Can you sketch the elastic curve for this beam? It will be sagging over A and hogging over B - and sagging again at C.

    So you will need bottom tension reinforcement at A and C, top tension reinforcement at B. You will obviously need to determine the points of contraflexure for the changeover of reinforcement.
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    There is a beam perpendicular to A going both ways. There is also a beam perpendicular to C goimg one way till its meets the parrallel beam of ABC. Yes I can draw the curve and sagging etc. My problem is calculating the loading on beam ABC. Is there a way to upload a photo on this site for you to see? Maybe I could email you?
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    Click the "Attachment" button to upload a picture from your computer or a URL. (that's the paper clip in "advanced" mode)
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