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Detection of neutrinos from nuclear reactors vs. ambient neutrino noise

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    In experiments such as KamLAND, it is expected to measure neutrinos emitted by Japan's nuclear reactors. Such experiments were built to find evidence for neutrino oscillation.

    Is there anyone who knows how one can make the difference between the neutrinos from nuclear reactors and the large amount of neutrinos from the Sun for instance?
    There should be a very weak signal/noise ratio? How the neutrinos from nuclear reactors can be then detected?

    Is there a specific statistical method? Which one? Is there some relevant publications about this topic?

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    Vanadium 50

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    This is discussed in their papers.

    Short answer:

    1. Solar neutrinos are neutrinos, reactor neutrinos are antineutrinos and they react differently.

    2. If you move your detector away from the reactor, the rate goes down.

    3. If you turn the reactor off, the rate goes way, way down.
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    4. If your detector is sensitive to the direction of incoming neutrinos, you can distinguish solar neutrinos, atmospheric and reactor neutrinos based on their direction.
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