1. M

    Confused by envelope detection and windowing+overlapping

    Summary: Should both envelope detection and windowing+overlapping be used before FFT? Summary: Should both envelope detection and windowing+overlapping be used before FFT? Hi everyone! I'm somewhat a newbie to signal analysis, but I've also noticed that there seem to be many different...
  2. khelzor

    I Pion Detection

    I'm a student in high school asking for suggestions for an experiment proposal. So far, our idea has been to recreate Young's interference experiment, but instead of using electrons, we will use a heavier particle. Charged pions have been the first choice so far. Aluminum is the current delegate...
  3. Newtonfalls

    B Detecting Smartphone Waves Using Toy - VIDEO

    Hi, i came across this video on BBC yesterday: <link to video deleted> Now I wonder how this stuff works in detail? Is it the carrier wave or the multiplexer signal of the phone??? best regards
  4. M

    THz radiation detection with a conductor

    Hello! Is it possible to detect THz radiation (300 GHz - 1 THz) with conductor or dipole antenna used to detect radio waves? I know that THz radiation may be detected in spectroscopic set-ups with a photoconductive antenna based on the semiconductor. In this case, the light from laser create...
  5. P

    Light Collection Efficiency for Liquid Scintillation Detecto

    How do I calculate the light yield and light collection efficiency of a liquid scintillation detector? Couls someone give me a formula for that? What data do I need to calculate it? THanks a bunch!
  6. P

    Liquid Scintillation Counter w/ fast neutron detectin isotop

    I'm trying to make a LSC with U-238 (non-aqueous form) dipped in the scintillating cocktail to detect fast neutrons (no thermals or epithermals, only fast) from a Cf-252 source. How do I calculate the wavelength emerging from the cocktail (assuming U-238 does not react with the cocktail)? Also...
  7. pioneerboy

    I How to determine an asteroid survey efficiency?

    I read in a couple of papers about asteroid hunting that they used artificially implemented asteroids in real images to see if their detection algorithms could find them. This way, the scientists determined their asteroid survey efficiency in real data. As I don't have the resources to work so...
  8. xpell

    Truck-deployed nuclear reactors antineutrino detector: range?

    Hi! I was reading this article about the possibility of detecting removals of "double-use" fissile materials from a known reactor using an antineutrino detector deployed in a truck "that uses 20 tons or less of scintillator material (and) could be fit into a 6-meter shipping container and parked...
  9. xpell

    (How) would we detect a passing-by relativistic object?

    Hi, I'm really curious about this one. :) Let's imagine a massive, large object with a very low albedo traveling at a slightly sub-c speed enters the solar system and passes through it before leaving on the opposite side. Please, would us earthlings detect it as it approaches, passes by and...