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Determine the torque of a driver if driven is known

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    I have a driver wheel at 6 meters diameter, expected Rpm=4, Torque=?,

    Using two angle drives, at ratios of 40:1 and 10:1 inline (in>4rpm x 40=160rpm>out) & (in>160rpm x 10=1600rpm @3,300nm) driven side,

    Can somebody please help to determine the required input torque on the the driver side
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    If the rpm goes up by a factor of 400 due to gearing, the torque must decrease by a factor of 400. Therefore if you somehow measure 3300 nm at the driven end, the torque of the driver is 400*3300 nm. However, this assumes there are no friction losses in the gearing. The driving torque will be greater than 1320000 nm due to the losses.
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    Well that puts my nose out of per-portion, thank you for your reply
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