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Device to measure different spectrum of UVs (UVA and UVB)

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to know if there's a reliable tool that can measure UVA and UVB concurrently at regular interval and record it. Or if cant record, then at least can be connected to a computer or network and will send the readings at regular interval.
    or perhaps anybody can point me to a website or data sheet that records UVA/UVB intensity everyday for whole year in certain latitude/longitude? preferably the interval is 30 mins. right now, I'm in equator (Singapore)

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    Various photodiodes can do that, with or without filter in front of them. SiC devices don't react to visible light, so they work nicely without filter. Connect it to a power supply and a measurement device with a computer interface and you can measure it as often as you want. There are probably also devices that combine everything in one piece.
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    thanks for the reply. can you explain more about this? how does one build this device? is this kind of device easy to build?
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    jim mcnamara

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    gives you an idea of cost of these devices. Based on your posts, I would guess this is a project you should, and simply purchase.

    You have already asked a lot of questions about UVA and UVB and suggested inappropriate or potentially damaging uses.

    I'm trying to help, not criticize. But some of your UVA/UVB ideas are not sound and seem to be based on your perceptions rather than real data. Over exposure to UVB causes skin cancer and precancerous lesions that will require possibly expensive treatments for a chronic skin problem.
    See this about actinic keratosis:

    PS: you get sufficient Vitamin D (circa 800 IU ) from standing outside on a clear day in the direct sunshine at almost any time, for about 10 minutes or less - in a short sleeve shirt. There are also lots of foods that have either added Vit. D (example: Vit D added to dairy products) or contain Vit. D naturally - (example: mushrooms)
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    I see. correct, I got this idea about UVA/UVB measurement because of my recent lab test suggesting I got Vit D deficiency. I was prepared to schedule a regular visit to the beach to start sunbathing (a bit overkill perhaps), but then, it struck me, I have a section of open space in my balcony that I usually use to hang my clothes during dry season, so, I want to confirm first just how much UVA/UVB in said space, and then, I also plan to put a screen to handle rains/hails in that open space, but still able to reap the benefit of UVA/UVB disinfectant properties, plus my own personal "beach". my doctor said that vit D supplement is not recommended since in the long run, it can lead to vit D overdose, but with sun bathing, our body has the ability to auto regulate the production of vit D, so, there's no risk of overdose. just thinking for the future here.
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