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Homework Help: Diagram to represent heat capacity?

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    1. How do I draw a diagram to demonstrate why motor oil has a higher specific heat capacity than water?
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    what you can do is just draw graphs of specific heat of different materials, and hence then through it represent that above ........
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    Our teacher decided that we need a diagram to go along with every experiment write up, as well as a graph.
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    What kind of a diagram?
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    Just a simple diagram to demonstrate what is happening/why. I know the heat capacity is related to the ability of the material to store the heat energy as potential energy rather than kinetic energy, but i'm not sure how to illustrate it.
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    No, thats false.
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    Can you explain what actually determines it then?
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    "Heat capacity (usually denoted by a capital C, often with subscripts), or thermal capacity, is the measurable physical quantity that characterizes the amount of heat required to change a substance's temperature by a given amount."
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