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Did I just torched some bridges?

  1. Nov 25, 2008 #1
    So today, I told my advisor that I needed to submit a plan of study by the end of this semester. Originally I was suppose to go the thesis route, but I decided to just take the safe route and take the extra courses to graduate instead of possibly extending my graduation and failing the defense.

    But I told him that I wanted to just take the extra courses instead of writing a thesis as it won't really help me in my career (I'm not going into academia nor any research). This includes losing my RA internship by the end of next month. I came from a physics background lacking any CE and CS work and I thought taking 3-4 more courses in CE would help me a bit more.

    Then I got a look of "UNACCEPTABLE" from him because I guess he seems to be disappointed for wasting his grant money on me. I did accomplished on finishing a major project during the RA, so I didn't felt it was a waste.

    I have a summer internship next year and would like to take a bigger/relevant courseload next semester to help me prepare for it. Is this the possibility of burning a bridge with my professor? He didn't seem to like my new plan and I'm trying to be as professional as I can be and giving him at least over a month's notice.
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    Maybe... but you can't control his reaction, and you tried to do it the right way. Maybe in time he'll see you grow and develop from your other opportunities, or maybe not, but you have to make decisions for yourself foremost. Just as long as said professor hasn't put your summer internship in jeopardy and you can complete your degree via coursework, try not to worry about it. Most advisers probably don't like it when a long term lab-rat prospect decides to leave with a master's (especially if the rat been productive).
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    Do what you want. You're being very professional about it, so he has to learn to accept it.
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