1. W

    How to calculate the tension in a beam of a bridge?

    Homework Statement A bridge, constructed of 11 beams of equal length L and negligible mass, supports an object of mass M as shown in the picture. Assuming that the bridge segments are free to pivot at each intersection point, what is the tension T in the horizontal segment directly above the...
  2. M

    How does curvature of an arch bridge affect its strength?

    Hey, I've been looking into some civil/structural engineering for a school project, and came across bridge design. I've decided to try some integrating and optimising to do with an arch bridge (optimal cost/strength proportions). The math isn't too hard, but what I'm struggling with so far is...
  3. C

    Bridge Project

    Homework Statement Hi! I wasn't sure how to ask this, but my team and I are making a manila file folder bridge and we are stuck a specific part. We are looking to get the mass of the members and we decided to get it through multiplying the volume of the member by the density of manila file...
  4. Domenico94

    Equivalent impedance

    Homework Statement Hi everyone, I'm just having a little trouble with equivalent resistance in a bridge, in the image I attached. The textbook says that the way to solve this is to put R3 and ZL2 in series, that series is in parallel to the short circuit in diagonal, and then at the end we...