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Did you kiss more chicks or had chick fil a?

  1. kiss more chicks

  2. chick fil a

  1. Aug 2, 2012 #1
    I would go for kiss more chicks :biggrin:

    Reading this made my day :biggrin:

    Is eating at a fast food restaurant something traditional in US? I immediately thought of the obesity rate in the US.
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  3. Aug 2, 2012 #2


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    Oh cmon rootX, the right to be obese and ruin your body at will is the most sacred of American rights and Chick - fil - A is a great proponent of that. Stuffing your face with chicken in support of the prevention of a group of people from being granted their rights is what this country is all about, the "traditional values" if you may.
  4. Aug 2, 2012 #3
    I would prefer to kiss more chicks, but if I do my wife will filet my butt.
  5. Aug 2, 2012 #4


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    I'd kiss chickens.
  6. Aug 2, 2012 #5
    I'll just eat KFC.
  7. Aug 2, 2012 #6


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    I don't eat fast food, in support of my health. But now I can not eat fast food in support of gay marriage :biggrin:.
  8. Aug 2, 2012 #7

    Ivan Seeking

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    I don't eat fast food because I'm getting too old to catch it.

    Can I just kiss a Dixie Chick?
  9. Aug 3, 2012 #8


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    The gay marriage supporters lack imagination.
    Kiss Mor But Chiks
  10. Aug 3, 2012 #9
    Gay marriage is such a non issue. More so than homelessness, hunger, poverty, rape, genocide, animal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, spousal abuse, abuse or violence of any kind, a corrupt financial system, gangs, climate change, overpopulation is two guys getting married? THAT is the most important issue? The best use of your time is to go out and eat chicken? Or kiss someone in front of a fast food restaurant? THAT is the most important thing to you? If some son of a supernatural creature were to come back, he were to spend all his time protesting against gays? Instead of dealing with real problems?
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  11. Aug 3, 2012 #10


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    That would be a Yes and a Yes. :yuck:
  12. Aug 3, 2012 #11


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    chick..fil..a? I thought it was a typo, that you smashed your keyboard while hitting reply.
  13. Aug 3, 2012 #12
    Exactly! I thought so too when I read it first time. I guess you say it chick-filae .. never heard of this before.
  14. Aug 3, 2012 #13
    Ever since I turned 24, my health also wouldn't allow me to visit a fast food. Today morning, I tried to eat chittos but nearly puked. They have turned so disgusting :yuck: I used to love them so much just a year ago :(
  15. Aug 3, 2012 #14


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    I love fast food, but I only have it 2-3 times a year. There is nothing wrong with fast food, a lot of it is healthier than the store bought junk many people serve at home.

    Processed foods people buy at the grocery store are LOADED with sugar. Empty calories.
  16. Aug 3, 2012 #15
    I had never heard of a Chick-fil-A until this controversy. But I am for kissing more chicks.
  17. Aug 4, 2012 #16
    It's not as if all of these people were about to give a starving child in Africa a big spoonful of chicken-soup, and then threw it on the ground so that they could grab a picket-sign showing their support or distaste towards gay marriage. These are people who have reasons to be passionate about one side or the other, and are willing to take a stand for their rights (or their right to smother other people's rights).

    Media attention does not infer that gay marriage is the only problem in the world being worked on. Your anger seems to be irrational; it is highly implausible to shove aside every issue in the world until we have fixed the bigger ones.
  18. Aug 4, 2012 #17


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    Yeah, chicken fillet. Their business should be booming with all this attention.
  19. Aug 4, 2012 #18
    The black slaves could not legally marry even each other and as recently as WWII it was illegal to marry anyone outside your race. For you it may not seem like an important issue, but among other things gays are being denied the right to visit their loved ones in hospitals because they are not legally immediate family. Tolerance, compassion, and equality under the law are fundamental to democracy and to deny their importance for such a significant minority is to invite mob rule and rebellion.
  20. Aug 5, 2012 #19


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    I think more than just the name of the fast food restaraunt was lost in translation.

    The idea is for women to kiss more chicks. The men have to kiss other men.

    I've never eaten at a Chick-fil-A. I probably won't change any of my habits over this.
  21. Aug 5, 2012 #20
    I have a few problems with people saying they believe in traditional marriage.
    Well, there is a tradition of homosexual marriage too, they just choose to disregard that tradition and only accept the tradition of heterosexual marriage. They'll say "marriage has always been between one man and one woman", but marriage was basically stolen by Christians at the Council of Trent and redefined how they saw fit.

    That would be like me saying I believe in traditional voting (only white men can vote). Obviously non-whites were voting elsewhere in the world, and for me to say that I believe in white only voting, that means I would be choosing a specific tradition and disregarding the rest. Not only that, but the people who believe in "traditional marriage" wouldn't hesitate to criticize my belief in "traditional voting", and they would be perfectly justified in doing so.

    Another reason I have a problem with people who believe in "traditional marriage" is the arrogance. Some of them claim that it will devalue the marriage institution. They don't want gay marriage to devalue their marriage.
    They'll also ignore the fact that nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce, but make it seem like gays will be the downfall of the entire institution.
    I know they have Christian beliefs and they the Bible is obviously against homosexuality, but they seem to rather want gays having sex out of wedlock, which is something else that Christians denounce.

    And to say that we should disallow gay marriage simply because the Bible says so is a direct violation of the first amendment. These people don't seem to care if the Constitution is violated in their favor.

    Some will be adamant about not redefining a word, as if they'll jump to the aid of any word that is at risk of being redefined. I'll go out on a limb and assume they wouldn't.

    Over 50% of the American population supports same sex marriage, according to the polls, so it's kind of disappointing to see videos of people standing in line for hours to support Chick-fil-a for supporting "traditional marriage." And I haven't heard a single good reason from anyone to disallow gay marriage, yet so many people are against it.
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